Puppet show in Cali Colombia Adios Medellin - I'm Going Back 2 days ago   12:34

keezi walks

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Valeria Mejia
Ohh so cute ❤️
ña na
I understand all of this and it's extremely cute and thoughtful... There are still good hearted people out there, thanks for sharing
I enjoy your channel greatly. I believe it's one of the best, most effective ways to show life in other places. Simply by walking. Thank you!
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Adios Medellin - I'm Going Back Puppet show in Cali Colombia 2 days ago   10:12

25 June 2017. I left Medellin and went to Cali, Colombia. Here is my story.
(Salí de Medellín y fui a Cali, Colombia. Aquí está mi historia)

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