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Professor Simon Haslett talks to Jennifer Osula about her PhD research into the business aspects of Fairtrade. Jennifer is a University of Wales student at the Greenwich School of Management in London and presented her poster at the University of Wales Student Research Conference in Cardiff on Friday 13th May. Professor Haslett is Dean of the School of STEM at the University of Wales.

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Faculty Profile: Yewande Olubummo, Fairtrade postgraduate research at the University 2 months ago   04:53

Dr. Yewande Olubummo is an associate professor and the chair of the math department at Spelman College. The daughter of the late, distinguished pioneer of mathematical research in Africa, Adegoke Olubummo, Dr. Olubummo, earned her B.S. from the University of Ibadan (Nigeria), her M.S. from Yale University, and her Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts. She talks about her drive to see more African-American women in the field of mathematics.