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Kirsten Dirksen
With two years and $20,000, retired winery engineer Dave Orton turned a Ford Transit into a completely off-grid van home that sleeps two, seats four, and includes a toilet, kitchen and indoor shower.

Adding 80/20 aluminum extrusions to a stripped down transit van, Orton built up a kitchen unit with two fold-out tables (one indoor, one outdoor) and bedroom/living room where all furniture can be removed to haul cargo. The toilet room converts into a shower.

Orton designed an electrical system that provides adequate power without the need for shore power or a generator to keep the house battery charged.

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Pat Orton
Do not live full time in the van. We have a nice house on 5 acres. Van is for traveling. Video was taken on the property.

Find it interesting that most of the negative comments are about the multipurpose shower enclosure. When you want a short van that can be parked in a normal city parking place then you have to make some compromises. That eliminates a normal shower. Hard to call what I built a shower but you can use it to get clean in an odd way. Much better than staying dirty but certainly not like a shower at home. Many concerned about the electrical on the side walls in the shower. Water simply does not get that high on the walls. The reason for washing hair when on knees and using a full flow (not spray) nozzle are to control the overspray. Almost no water gets out of the shower and onto the towel I place in front of the shower. Not for everyone but it works well for us.
Mike Maccario
Great video. Saved to go back later and write down some of these ideas. Thank you
Bill Jenkins
Doctor Orton is a genius.
rambo lambo
Another great video Kirsten,,
Jimmy Baond
31 minutes in youtube time is eternity
Lexus 93
love it. k.i.s.s
Darth Link86
Nah not the design for me but it clearly works for him and his is definitely better built than I could do
Capitalism seems ok until... I bought a bus that I was going to convert and on the way home the brakes gave out. so I parked at a mall nearby and explained the situation and was going to repair and leave in a day or two and left my number. Security called said YOU CAN'T LEAVE IT HERE. It was parked it the back away from stores, yet they complained. Another time during a flood, I parked my car at the neighborhood gas station that was a little higher ground. He too complained and said I could not leave it overnight. THEY ONLY SMILE AND ARE NICE WHEN YOU ARE GIVING THEM MONEY THEN GONE AFTERWARD. That is American capitalism for you.
Hamilton Tile GA
this guy gets it.
tommy wong
I think the bathroom is too complicated ... Maybe just make a pull out shelf with wheels and push it back in when u done...
video makes me nauseous, what a shame
"stealth camping" someone tell this man about AirBnB!! Jokes aside, this Van looks bad ass. Love the color trim.
stephan schloesser
👍🌎👀 wow fantastic build i'm impressed
absolute shit
John Kraemer
Very nice! Thank you for sharing! 😎👍🏻
I though it would better honestly, for him being an Engineer...
M Brad
Ugh the comment section is unbearable. People way overshare to strangers. Nobody cares what you think about his design, that is his, for him and his wife. If you have links to pictures and drawings, mods or materials on this design, share them. Silently.
PK Arms
Lets move half the van out to take a shower? On your knees to take a shower? Electronics in the shower. This guy must not like to take a shower very often! Wear a hat to bed so your head doesn't get cold? He probably should stick to being a hydrolics engineer.
I need a wet bathroom, love the van and your ideas
Don DP
When you are retired and single 😬
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A peek into the family that Retired engineer builds transforming, 1 day ago   23:25

A half century ago the Colombo family took the ugly wall bed and remade it into something stylish, easy-to-use and a lot more than just a moving bed. In the 1970s they added a table to the pull-down bed, then a sofa and eventually began to remake all furniture in the home.

Today Clei creates morphing bunk beds, pop-up desks, slide-out tables, "bookish" open-out kitchens and even entire walls that open up to create pop-out, fully-furnished rooms.

We stopped for a visit with the family at their offices and showroom in the Brianza region of Northern Italy where "every corner" is a furniture company according to architect and designer Pierluigi Colombo who took us for a tour.


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