Model Car Racing in Red Line 7000 Slot Car Racing at Slot Car City 4 months ago   04:23

Model Car Racing (Slot Car) in the Movie "Red Line 7000" (1965)

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ja maguire
What you are seeing in this clip from 1965 are the last gasps of the old culture, when men wore jackets and ties when they dined in public, gave more than a little lip service to being gentlemen, and women were not trying to be men. Oh well. All good things must end.
finally....... living proof that slots cars were REALLY for adults...... children were just the excuse.........
Ah, I remember the pretty actresses in this film besides Marianna Hill.  They're in the back of my mind when I think of Redline 7000.
Just how much vodka went into that drink?lol.
Ranch Mubay
Leroy Agers is Exidor from Mork & Mindy.
I had T-Jets!
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Slot Car Racing at Slot Car City Model Car Racing in Red Line 7000 4 months ago   04:09

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