San Clemente Dam Removal Update - Year New life for the Carmel River 2 days ago   07:20

This is the final video in this series as we document the final phase of the San Clemente Dam removal. In this video, we will get an overview the dam's history as well hear from many of the folks who played key roles in making this a successful project. There's also some cool time-lapse footage of the dam removal and the river reroute work. Enjoy!

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Congratulations you removed 1 big dam and put back 40 little dams. It looks like a HOA project.
Adrian Wap Caplet
Lots of commenters have missed the fact that unlike the Elwha, they couldn't simply let the river wash the sediment away, due to fish concerns and downstream development since the dam was built. They had to carve a new channel to bypass the accumulated sediment. I agree the engineered riverbed looked a bit artificial and ridiculous, and I'm sure the engineers planned it to be temporary, knowing that one series of winter storms would scour a more natural-looking riverbed. Looking at the latest Google Earth overview, it seems that's exactly what has happened.
Patrick Read
It's fucking Beautiful
Lawrence A. Gonzi
Thank you for all that you do... Now it is time to remove the dam on Auburn Creek in the town of Lincoln, California better know as the Hemphill dam which was built without the proper permits and in clear violation of the law.  The Nevada Irrigation District has snubbed the public in its demands to remove the dam and could care less about the law... It's all about the money with NID despite their claim to be great stewards of the land.
Nick Sherrington
Wow, the way government develop rivers. Please see some of the chalk stream restoration projects in the UK.
B bo
Wow, what an amazing job they did restoring that river. I can’t wait to see how it looks when nature fully reclaims the surrounding lands. This is what happens people work together to accomplish great things.
These people could f-up a wet dream!!
In before a year of floods will tear through that thing lmao
Oscar Mendez
Great project and a great video. California is an awesome place!
Wayne Brown
amazing , but i think its ugly .
Thomas Weaver
lots of government parasites patting themselves on the back very little content on dam or steelhead fishery
old dog new tricks
Looks absolutely awful but at least the end goal is the same
Joshua79C C
Would you care to give us a two year update on this man made pos river recourse? Instead of following the Elwha and Glines removal they went and did this man made eyesore for the benefit of just two species of aquatic life, not even any benefit to boaters who may want to have used it!
Operations Computer
stop watching from 5:44 onwards - its a pile of talking heads patting themselves on the back
All that money. All that time. All that destruction of the Earth for a fish and a frog. Imaging how many families that money could have served. CA is a joke.
This is way too overengineered. This is culture, not nature. The best would be to just remove the dam, and then let nature correct itself.
Im old greg
Nick Breen
We're going to remove dam and allow the river to flow naturally...... re-routes river into totally man made section.....
Scott Na
the dumb shits of California at work once more pissing away tax payer money and the idiots that reside there smile about it. should have just taken the dam out and let the river do its own thing from there. not use as it as an excuse to piss away money create a park like setting and pat your self on the back for being a moron
Rick Prewer
I'm glad they took it down, but man the area looks so unnatural.
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New life for the Carmel River San Clemente Dam Removal Update - Year 2 days ago   09:28

Video of the story of the removal of the San Clemente Dam and the restoration of the Carmel River.