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very funny clip from george lopez americas mexican

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Doom Cupcakes
2:01 is that a mariachi version of Angel of Death by Slayer?
Ali Mezzi
I'm desperate to find that mariachi song when he asks the who you think questions, love it!
Matthew Rawllins
Is your brother David lopez
President Trump fuck you.. ftp
Dyland Flores
George Lopez For President
taco man
Richard Boone
My favorite comedian
Wow this really wasn't that funny.
Anthony Lopez
Hi my name ls ANNA
john bane
fu wet back
B&B Gaming
David Tolman
Hey show this to trump. I bet that puto wil love this amigo. Keep up the good work amigo
That epic _grito_ though.
Solace Creat
Hmm. He's not even a little funny. Or intelligent. His political statements amount to little more than "VIVA LA MEXICO PINCHE BLANCOS, AYIYAIYAAAA!" He may as well just do that the entire time.
Edwin Rivera
What mexican song is that?
Alpine Frost
glad you're now all getting deported by the thousands ;)
Chaise Samargis
If your from Mexico than go for it and say viva Mexico if ur not and from here the united states than ur a Mexican American and should be proud to live in a country with opportunity no matter who the president or Whos Running Congress is because that's the people who are actually running this country is congress the pres is just a face a puppet
Michael Flores
whats the song at 1:56 called?
who cares
We ain't going nowhere's lmao
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