World Business: Egypt Water World Business: Indian Plastic 2 days ago   05:34

World Business: Egypt has been prominent in the news this year for the revolution that ousted the unpopular Mubarak regime. But long after the political situation calms down the country will still be dealing with one of the biggest issues the planet will face in the 21st century -- water scarcity. Around the world, agriculture is one of the major consumers of fresh water; we went to Egypt to find out what farmers there are doing to manage this valuable and finite resource.

Reporter: Jon Lamberton

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World Business: Indian Plastic World Business: Egypt Water 2 days ago   06:09

World Business: India is drowning in a sea of plastic garbage; from Delhi to Bangalore the country is littered with tons of plastic waste. An innovative company in Bangalore is developing a process of recycling industrial quantities of that plastic into hard wearing road surfaces, which may be a solution not just to India's plastic waste problems but the whole world's.

Reporter: Gareth Morris