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Nicola Sinz Fernandes
Best Spiritual Life Coaching in New York

Hi, this is Nicola Fernandes with
If experiencing ease and joy in life is hard, you are probably doubting yourself or not feeling good enough.
You might have questions like:
How can I feel good enough?
How can I fulfill my purpose for being?
or How can I live with peace and joy?

Welcome to CoachingShaman., I am Nicola Fernandes and here we’ve been able to help many people to gain insights & experience shifts in their lives that not only impact positively their own lives, but those around them as well.

Our mission is to bring you to a higher state of Being with ease and joy, so you can fulfill your purpose and contribute to a peaceful world.
Is that something you are looking for? That’s what we do here every day.

If you truly want to become the person you are here to be and you are committed to your growth and learning, I am confident we can help you.

Even, if you feel stuck or beginning to loose hope, contact us – you might be surprised what’s in store for you. Sounds good?

Set up a free consultation on our web site at

Your Best Self is waiting for you. Let’s go to become the YOU, you are looking for!

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