REALLY GOOD: My Ryzen 9 3900X Ryzen CPU with VEGA Graphics 1 day ago   15:03

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REALLY GOOD: My Ryzen 9 3900X and Ryzen 7 3700X Review and Benchmarks!
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Today I'm testing the new 12-core 24-thread Ryzen 9 3900X ($500) and the surprisingly efficient 8-core 16-thread Ryzen 7 3700X. They're up against Intel's 8-core 16-thread Core i9 9900K and 6-core 12-thread Core i7 8700K, as well as the 2nd gen Ryzen 7 2700X.

Check out today's Other Launch - the Navi-based Radeon RX 5700 and 5700XT - in my review and benchmarks video:

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Just ME Onlyme
Prices / conclusion 13:24
3:50 Under load CPU Clock Speed (MHz)
4:35 CPU Temps
5:18 System Power Draw
5:57 Cinebench R20 results
6:45 CPUMark results
7:11 CPUMark (Single-Thread) results
7:44 Blender results (Splash Fishy Cat) - lower is better
8:05 Blender results (BMW 27) - lower is better
8:23 Adobe Premier 3min 4k h.264 40mbps Render - lower is better
8:50 Handbrake 1.2.2 3min 4k to 1080 "Fast" Transcode
9:17 V-Ray 4.10.07 Ksamples imagery rendering
9:45 Corona 1.3 shading for production rendering - lower is better
9:57 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra DX11 3840x2160
10:38 3DMark Time Spy DX12 1920x1080
- Actual Game Tests -
11:21 Shadow Of The Tomb Raider 1920x1080
11:38 Grand Theft Auto V 1920x1080
12:19 Overall Compute Performance .. Compute Tests, vs 3900x
12:52 Overall Gaming Performance .. Gaming Tests, vs 3900x
Thumbs up!
Дима Олиферчик
What are settings of freq.(Ghz) in cards 3700x and 9900k for single-thread cinebeanch r20? I need to understand which of them is better for WoW: BfA( cards: gtx 1080 or 2060 super or rx 5700xt) +16gb ram + 250 ssd. Thank you in advance :)
glen herron
i would like to see you use the gigabyte x570 gaminig x motherboard, reason being its £182.98 compared to the gigabyte x570 aurus master £389.90
i always new this was going to happen intel prices boooooooo. no more cheap boards.
I wonder what intel users will have to face when intel brings out their 10nm cpu? if the above has happened to amd
Sambhav Rakhe
Anyone wanna buy my i5 6700K from me? 😂 Need to buy me a 3700X 😍
Ryan McGovern
Paul, can you tell us about backward compatibility to older mobos like the X370's with Ryzen Gen 3? I have an Asus Crosshair VI Hero and need to know if I can still use it. The googling hasn't been much help.
vent trim
Ты че конч? Единственная игра которую ты протестил гта, а помимо прогнал в типичных тестах, без разгона, без исследования влияния частоты памяти на производительность.
Продажный питух
Joe Mayer
Amazon is price gouging these.
Intel division heads are sweating hardcore now. This AMD release is absolutely bananas, I'm really impressed!
Arch Dornan
So, the overall winner is 3700x imho
Wish you had some 3600 benchmarks in there
Claudio Costantino
it.s possible to install 4x8gbyte g.skill Trident on gigabyte x570 motherboard?
May be a little better at gaming but not gaming and doing anything at the same time xD
amd, sì
Matt LR
how is the noise from that chipset fan? I'm coming here from a video with this same x570 motherboard where it seems the fan is stuck at max speed and still can't keep the chipset under 67 degrees.
Виталик ВВ
Can someone tell me in wich RPM was cooler in test?
I think I will keep my 6700K for another few years. Not impressed AMD Gaming score. And mostly people are using there computers for Gaming. If you are looking for video or animation rendering no one of this CPU's are good. For that guys I recommend waiting for AMD 3950x.
Kelvin D.
Definitely a win for AMD
How much value should one deduct from Intel for security flaws?
Shane Freeland
I love it when big fat cats like Intel has to slash prices or take a profit loss in order to compete. The only thing I can imagine potentially more gratifying would be to see the clowns in congress take a salary cut. How great would THAT be?
When are you going to make an oc guide?
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Ryzen CPU with VEGA Graphics REALLY GOOD: My Ryzen 9 3900X 1 day ago   07:13

AMD's bringing back the APU in a big way by marrying Ryzen CPU cores with Vega GPUs - But what do you really get for your money?

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