Watch NASA’s Orion Capsule Aerospike Engines - Why Aren't We Using 2 days ago   03:23

A refurbished Peacekeeper intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launched the Orion Capsule on a quick ascent abort simulation flight (Abort Test-2) on July 2, 2019. - Orion Aces Abort Test:

Credit: NASA

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Duke Fleed
Nasa gave us nothing but fake videos and empty promises since it was established by thieves in 1958. Is it worth all the billions of dollars they steal from tax payers money? Absolutely NOT. Fuck you Nasa.
مسلسلات رائعه ومهموله
I have five questions about dark energy

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Expansion ratio increased by 9%
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The second question is the time of dark energy
When did dark energy emerge?

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Daniel Fish
That was the boost protective cover tumbling, not the Orion.
Nathan Dwayne
Can day make something silent
Never went gays
Sid Stevens
Wow ! USA technology is nearly but not quite as advanced as it was in the early sixties ! This generation is the first one to go backwards instead of forwards. What a bunch of dumb arses ! Next they will be inventing fire !
Dr H
No one cares
Mike O
That was straight up bad ass! Sure wish it would have been equipped with parachutes though. With the pace NASA is going, it will probably be another 2 years before we see another one with parachutes on it.
Flat Stuff
Wow.. Looks like basically every one of their stupid launches - a nice big arc to nowhere. Well done!
Why not include the parachute test and save some material?
Where are the parachutes??? How is an abort test successful without the capsule making it back intact? I saw it tumbling away after the escape module fired, but no chutes?
Kareem Salessi
0:28 it took 20 second to ascend what appears to be around one mile; 1:28 flight ends in an apparent altitude of 2 miles. Remainder liquid-hydrogen created clouds; 1:50 she said: vehicle was NOT transmitting data!!! She said Orion did NOT have a chute, and it is visibly clear that it is falling very slowly!!!
Was it really a test.humm...Juan bx n.y.
That was a long time ago when I heard an SRB for the last time.
b xpress6
at least it not blow up on launch pad
Wm Hoffman
Why do they do this test without testing the parachutes as well? What a waste! You'd think they'd be further along after nearly 20 years and 10 of billion$ into the Orion capsule ?
General Ripper1964
Will this work like "zero-zero" ejection seat for aircraft? If the rocket blows up on the pad, will it get the capsule away from the blast? How about some parachutes deploying to test the system?
I'm glad it was a success and all, but why waste a capsule? Surely it costs more to make another one from scratch than it would have to include parachutes. For that matter, waste of rockets too. If SpaceX can do it, why can't Orion?!
Larry Whittington
Along with Rocket 🚀
Science there's much
More to behold. Cheers...!!! On the safe
Event. 🍾😁👍
Godspeed Sincerely from LarryWhittington
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Aerospike Engines - Why Aren't We Using Watch NASA’s Orion Capsule 2 days ago   13:39

Over 50 years ago an engine was designed that overcame the inherent design inefficiencies of bell-shaped rocket nozzles, but despite much research in the 60's, 70's and 90's and was to power the replacement for the Space Shuttle. But 50 years on and it still yet to be flight tested. So why aren't we using Aerospike rocket engines?

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