UK government failing to meet crucial Climate change: Fact or fiction? 1 day ago   04:56

The Independent
A report released by the the Committee on Climate Change claims that the UK is falling far short of targets in order to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

James Dyke spoke to the CEO of the group, Chris Stark, who explained that of the 25 crucial things that were recommended for the government to do over the last year, only one was being implemented.

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The Truth About Climate Change - Dr. Patrick Moore - Greenpeace Co-Founder
Trump: "Make America Venus Again!"...and the rest of the planet, too.
ice minus , GAME OVER ..

Google it , ice minus bacteria.
populist revolt
Climate hoax propoganda corruot msm and corrupt politicians trying to force taxes on the people, here's a link debunking this nonsense
Michael Wilson
It’s went in Westminster’s pockets
as he talks in his £500+ suit yeah sure. typical hypocrite
Tracey Garrity
A load of old tosh, biggest scam ever!!!!!
Frank Machado
Paris accord is one of the biggest scams along with red cross, along with foreign aid, and the rest of the political slush funds..if the people were wise they would do a little research and look into our solar weather, there your going to be very surprised to find we are headed towards a deep freeze, yes its climate change but not in the sense that the scammers want to call it, our sun is moving into a solar minimum, does anyone know what that means, if you search your going to find that even NASA as come forward with some admittance to what is going on, watch their video of the dark spot on the sun, its a huge spot, no heat" no activity what so ever, its sleepy time for the sun so" instead of listening to these fools you should think of your children and grand children, this is going to last for at least 50 years, and we are in the beginning stages right now, food is going to be hard to get, invest in MRE's or preserve your own but you better get going, and" buy gold before the price goes up higher, the UNITED STATES is going back to the gold standard, your not going to get any of this on your news channels, I have been researching something for over 3 years and found my answer, I know in my heart of hearts its the truth and people will think its crazy because they have been kept in the dark about tech, what can you do to try and protect the world from freezing over? how many have played with a magnify glass as a kid? in a sense thats is what has been done and I only became aware of this because of what I had seen in the sky back in 2016, ascrazy as it may sound but I called my family outside to see this crazy sight, 2 suns setting in the west and north west, that started my research to find out why I had seen that and along the way I seen nature doing some crazy things, later that year and into the next (2017) plant life was suppose to get ready for winter but instead was getting ready to bloom again, we had the caterpillar's eat all the leaves off an oak tree in our front yard, and this has never happened in my lifetime, but the tree had its leaves all grow back! the world is about to change, its the great awakening, no gov't can stop it nor can the public platforms that were created by DARPA stop it, many many people were killed, I don't know if all the truth will be released, but you should know that MONSANTO has given many many cancer, after Trump signed that EO back on Dec 23rd 2017 many business's changed CEO's were dropping, Eric Schmidt is a name to remember, he was head of Google, he will be tried for treason along with many politicians, criminals running the store, the FED will be history along with the IRS, I know much of this sounds to good to be true, but rest assured this is an ongoing operation, did you think the airline industry suddenly became unsafe? no" they are taking out witness's, Adam Schiff has a lot to worry about, they thought by killing the manager of the STANDARD HOTEL would prevent the truth from coming out, as I said, the world is changing, get ready for real FREEDOM...the 3 cities no longer rule the world, Washington DC, not part of the United States, London, not part of the United Kingdom, the Vatican, not part of Italy..we have been in the MATRIX movie , now its time to awaken...BLESS...
RickK RocKStar
🤔💭 I thought U.S. Democrats were bad. These British liberals are huge pieces of shit.
Lord Vader
Quite a large disconnect.....
Yes, it's quite large.
meli meli
combat climate change with US tanks 60 gallons a mile lol, for what idiot they take US with such propaganda?
Dave reeves
You lot should be locked up. IT IS NOT GETTING WARMER !! We are doing good by releasing the locked up Carbon back into the atmosphere do NOT LISTEN THE MAINSTREAM BULLSHITE.
Not climate change. It's called weather. Push big oils fake climate agenda elsewhere.
Knights Templar
We all need to do our bit to try and combat climate change but tell that to India Russia America China
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Climate change: Fact or fiction? UK government failing to meet crucial 1 day ago   47:33

Some scientists say the earth's climate changes constantly and naturally, but the vast majority of them believe the current rise in global temperature is man-made, and could be catastrophic for the planet. But is all this but a case of extreme ‘climate alarmism'? Climate change sceptic Richard Lindzen is challenged on his view that concern about global warming is alarmist nonsense.

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