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Blood donation is one of the precious donation in our life. There is lot of the reasons not interested for blood donation. But most of the people don't have awareness about blood donation. Blood donation is do or not which is depend upon blood donor kind heart. If they don't have knowledge about blood donation traditionally people can't donate blood. So awareness is only solution to solve this problem.

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I have been given blood several times but have given blood many times. Its what I do to make a difference in the world.
Ankush Dhiman
8 times till now
(y) Good one! Donate Blood, Be a Hero. Save Lives! JAI BHARATH...
I would but I don't want to interfere with the process of natural selection!
Well I would happily donate, and do want to, but nooo gay blood isn't good enough -.-
I feel like this music is hypnotic...nice try...I'm still donating blood, though. 
Helen Jose
nyc 1 !!
Rajeev Thada
good work

sonia mehra
nice one.....
Karan Mehra
Nicely presented..d msg gets across @ last by dis way we can all become happy..!!!!!!!!!!!
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