when your mom finds out that SAVAGE PARENTS WHO HAVE NO CHILL 2 days ago   04:30

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MeLon Dude
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Lauza Coopz
This made me laugh
Soooooo hard
Ava Mk
Omg I love your vids!!!!!🤗
GenTheBoss xX
Just set up the damn christmas tree dude
Do you even have parents
darickgang vlogs sAnchaz
Purple chrismas tree realy
Let's Play!
You really have a girl voice and emotions XD
The Flash
I have that same Mario Kart Blanket.
Is that weird??????????
*the “bye” had me dead*
Heather Lynn
How to decorate the Christmas tree or the or else is going to be consequences you can get your ass whooped with a belt
Maggie Kimlee
I told you ther will be consequences 😡🤬😱
ultragamer 1804
You really inspired me to start posting videos. I always enjoy watching your videos too.
GG Yancoski
Cwansaquences? 3:29 lmao
Peachy Perfect
3:28 I told you there would be Qonsequences...
Ushieno- じゃがいも
Do when you ate all your mom’s favorite donuts.
337 tristin
That’s y you always need to set up the Christmas tree
Fortnite central
Is the guy gay
FÏÑÑ Îs ßæ
2:14-2:51 when your home alone;-;
your mom needs dr. phil
alex blog alex day
The best video that l seee
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SAVAGE PARENTS WHO HAVE NO CHILL when your mom finds out that 2 days ago   12:41

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