Top 10 BEST Games of 2018! The 25 Awesome BIZARRE Upcoming Games 2 weeks ago   30:19

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AngryJoe counts down the Top 10 BEST Games of 2018! Here they are!
Rockstar Game Design is outdated vid:
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Subnautica def my favorite game of 2018! So many havent even heard about it but it is awesome!
Shrishs Senthil
I cant wait for days gone! I hope it's going to be amazing!
Khristina Fuller
I know RPGs aren't really their thing, but I am sad that Dragon Quest XI doesn't get a lot of recognition. I really liked how it kept a lot of the old style RPG flavor while adding some helpful updates. I loved the characters. The story was engaging and the extra after story well worth playing to get even more story. I was sad when I finished it.
Mark Nicolo Tumambing
Hallow knight I think deserves a mention. I would gladly pay full price for it.
Sergio Arcos Hurtado
Assesins creed: Odyssey? Really? Best game of 2018? Tons of repetitive and boring content with microtransactions?... you fuck it up! ~~
I would be so up for a super man game like spider man, its about time we finally got one. No more super man 64 memes, its time to get serious!
Xander Vampire
I wish Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo would put their rivalries aside and collaborate to make a new console supporting all of their respective IPs. It would be the best system ever and would make it actually possible for people to play all of the games they like from that generation. As it stands, it's basically impossible to play all the best games of a generation unless you're some rich arsehole with money to burn because you'd need to buy each individual console as well as the games which is an extremely expensive undertaking. For example, I really want to play 2018's Spiderman game as it looks amazing but I probably never will because it's a playstation exclusive which would require me to spend hundreds of pounds on the console then spend even more for the game and an Xbox One style PS4 controller which can be pretty pricey too. The controller is essential as I hate dualshock controllers. Even back on my PS1 I always used the original controller instead of the dualshock because the placement of the sticks on Playstation is just awful. They're really uncomfortable and awkward which just ruins any gaming experience. This is why I stick to Xbox because their controller is easily the best right now. Granted, the stick placement was just copied from the Nintendo Gamecube and the face button layout is quite similar to the SNES but Microsoft made it work so well. Admittedly, the Duke was pretty bad. It was too big and had those terribly placed black and white buttons but after that, Xbox controllers have been, imo, the absolute best ones available. Anyway, this is just one example of how shitty the practice of console exclusives is for the consumer. It's not even that good for the companies either. Sure, if they collaborated on a console, they'd lose the income generated by wealthy idiots buying every system but they'd gain a lot more as they'd have the entire gaming community buying their games instead of just the percentage who bought their specific console.
2018 was not the best year for games
So, this list should be Top 10 PS4 games. We PC gamers got gypped this year.
Aaron Coleman
You got a sore throat old boy ?
IS U fag
Red dead 2
Justin B
Glad you noticed hitman. That’s good stuff.
The Anime Box
Nah Joe. I don't think 3 or 4 games is enough reason for me to buy a console. I can just never bring myself to make that investment. It never felt right to me. It's a simple cost to benefit analysis on my part. Spiderman and Red dead 2 looks awesome, God of War too, and i've heard that this one game called Bloodborne is also a console exclusive and a really good game. But i don't know. The incentive is way too low. To top off Sony's recent abhorrent behavior, i don't feel like supporting their kind.
Hey Joe, you guys left a frame before your transition at 18:42
SC Tira
No soul calibur 6....
Please at least a review
Mete Berberoğlu
No, please no, ac odessey was a grindy lorebreaking shitfest....
boyyyyyyyyyy!! lol
Aldren Nuguid
I think angry joe hates indie games.
Voltaic Fire
It's hard to imagine AJ with kids. "Come here kids... *You done fucked it up!"* lol
Matt Razor
Octopath Traveller for me, if only because the soundtrack helps my constant business 8h-long car rides tremendously.
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The 25 Awesome BIZARRE Upcoming Games Top 10 BEST Games of 2018! 2 weeks ago   45:43

In This Video We Take Look At The 25 Awesome UNIQUE Upcoming Games of 2019 And Beyond | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE - Full HD Video 1080p

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( Q1 2019 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE )

00:53-Concrete Genie
( Q2 2019 | PS4 Exclusive )

03:38-Close To The Sun
( Q1 2019 | Ps4,PC,XBOX ONE )

( TBA 2019 | PC )

( TBA | PC )

06:52-Rite Of Ilk
( TBA )

08:36-Harold Halibut
( TBA 2019 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE )

09:58-The Sinking City
( Mar 21, 2019 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE )

( Summer 2019 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE )

14:48-Twin Mirror
( TBA 2019 Ep1 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE )

( TBA 2019 | PC )

21:58-Ghost Of Tsushima
( TBA 2019 | PS4 Exclusive )

23:48-Pathologic 2

( TBA 2019 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE )

26:17-The Surge 2
( TBA 2019 | PC,PS4,XBOX ONE )

( TBA | PC )

30:47-Project Wight

( Jan 15, 2019 | PS4,PC )

33:42-Praey For The Gods

35:26-Way To The Woods
( Early 2019 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE )

( TBA 2019 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE )

39:09-Atomic Heart
( TBA 2019 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE )

40:13-Lost Ember
( Q2 2019 | PC )

41:47-A Plague Tale: Innocence
( TBA 2019 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE )

43:56-Psychonauts 2
( TBA 2019 | PS4,PC,XBOX ONE )


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