SOMEBODY HELP US, WE'RE DROWNING!! TIS BUT A FLESH WOUND!! | Half Dead 2 weeks ago   1:18:33

Bob, Wade, and I GO DEEP in a new episode of We Need To Go Deeper!

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matthew Frost Fire Ice
*N O I S T E P P E D I N Y O U R S H I T*
Little Mormon
Please do this again, this was a lot funnier than the other ones
Waiting for the next one.
Purple Elixir to cure Sea Sickness.
Ryan The Epic Guy
“The only bad guy is up and to the right, so going down is probably the best bet.”

*Dies immediately*
Ian Martinez
Mark should play Sea Of Thieves with his friends
Christopher Walker
I really wanna see more of this game omg
11:00 marks voice sounded like it was auto tuned but its hust that perfect-
leash peash
what is thsi game called???
ink spink
Make more tho please
Jonah Beast75
What happened to Jack he could make up for Wade and I think everyone would agree
Vladimir Kalensky
Emp aka Emergency Monkey Proppelant
keira val
play more of this!!!!
Jonathan Gutierrez
I really would like to see Mark and the gang actually make a deep run as opposed to dying in the first biome (as funny as that can be). It's always gonna be funny how things get progressively worse with time, but that last run before Mark had to cut it short was somehow the opposite, and it was kinda refreshing, being well-equipped to handle the extremely hostile ocean.
we all know a *Wade* in our life
I think they were a man short. Jack needs to hop on this game real quick.
This game is like lovers in a dangerous space time
Uber Sonix
We all have a Wade in our team xD
After watching it for a second time. I think I figured out how to buy stuff.
All you gotta do is crouch in front of the thing. Just like reviving someone.
You need to finish the voyage Mark!!!
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TIS BUT A FLESH WOUND!! | Half Dead SOMEBODY HELP US, WE'RE DROWNING!! 2 weeks ago   27:06

I'm alright! I can walk it off! Just gotta get my bearings in this death trap!
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