Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs: Why I Became " Kane " Glenn Jacobs interview 2 days ago   04:21

Air Date: Feb. 26th, 2014

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lsm lsm
'We lead our lives with voluntary interactions with other folks'. This is one of the central claims of Libertarian thought that is criticised. People often are put in to situations where they interact with people, not through choice, but because they have to enter the market in order to purchase their own sustenance. This 'Hidden Hand' has an unconscious impact on individual's actions. With this in mind, we can see state intervention is not the biggest hindrance to personal freedom. Income inequality is. To argue that giving some of our money to those less fortunate, in the form of tax, is an encroachment on our freedom ignores the fact that we did not earn our personal wealth on our own. Society gave us the opportunities to educate, work and earn. If it were not for the work of everyone else in society, as well as our personally fortuitous position in society and in the world (we could have born blind in a slum) we would not have been able to make the money we have. The School we got our education from only exists because people were paid a wage to build and maintain it. We were able to work to earn money because we were looked after by doctors and nurses when we got sick etc. People do not exist in a vacuum. We all function relationally. Notice that Libertarians never seem to give specifics when they talk about how 'small' government should be. The answer usually is something like this...'As small as it needs to be to ensure I remain rich'.
david collins
Hell fire in brimstone
Proud black libertarian myself! The only party of true freedom
Greg M
Kane won the Republican primary in Knox County, Tennessee and is essentially mayor!
Ulfric Stormcloak
Kane, the Lord of Fire, now seeks true power!!!!
Sanskar Kumar
Big red machine 💖💖
Josh Hamlin
3:23 his reaction to the ear piece got me giggling 😂
Cosmic Vacation
That fucking geek with this bullshit wrestling lingo at the start made me want to die
II. Phaedra
he is smile XD
Michael Shuler
Kane is a liberal? Tell me it's not true
I'm a little annoyed with these interviewers. Here Glenn Jacobs is making an attempt in earnest to secure a seat and serve his community and these boobs just gloss over it with vapid fan questions. Save that crap for ESPN.
Joshua Ball
Look its Tito Ortiz
subhra collection game & etc
Sarasdad91 Tim
Glenn should be President of the U.S.A. he's smarter than many who have been.
Kimberly Johnson
Gunkfunkulous Munktrunkulous
Jahmir Green
The ear piece kept coming off that was funny
Edson Giovanni Hdz Saldaña
kane para presidente de la onu, padre de la patria, presidente del mundo
Tyler Hall
Kane's next big feud will be against........his ear piece
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" Kane " Glenn Jacobs interview Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs: Why I Became 2 days ago   07:10

Former WWE Champion Kane talks about his plans for Knoxville after announcing to run for mayor along with his political views and how he can relate professional wrestling to politics.

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