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Michelle Phillips
www.michellephillips.com From her TV appearances to Fortune 500 corporations, college campuses and some of the biggest motivational venues in the world, Michelle Phillips has inspired millions!

Michelle's proven process and her innate ability to instantly connect with audiences has made her a huge hit throughout the US and Canada at workshops and keynote speeches big and small.

Through her hilarious, and at times, emotionally-wrenching stories, Michelle takes audiences on a journey that has them clapping and yelling, "That's my life!"

Energized…empowered… and more self-confident in their personal and professional lives…" These are among the words used over and over by attendees at events from Verizon, The Women's World Economic Development Council, The Power of Women tours and "I Can Do It!" events to name a few.

People today are faced with a unique set of challenges when it comes to successfully balancing their professional and personal lives. Striving to be perfect in every aspect of their lives leaves many struggling with a negative inner critic, a heavy load of stress and feeling pressured to prop up a facade rather than make choices that support their true values and spirit.

Through Michelle's personal journey of triumph over adversity and experiences working with world leaders, national news anchors, top entertainers, and corporate executives, Michelle has learned the secrets to authentic success. Michelle created a unique and proven process that has radically and wonderfully transformed thousands of lives. Her clients, readers and workshop attendees world-wide have gone from couch potatoes to marathoners, broken relationship to more fulfilling ones, and are achieving greater success on their terms. By empowering women to live confidently and radiate that confidence to the world, this process creates a life and a look that is ageless and unique to everyone.

Through her hilarious, and at times, emotionally-wrenching stories, Michelle takes audiences on a journey that has them clapping and yelling, "That's my life!" This connection to the universal struggles that link us all together allows her to seamlessly integrate life-changing help in the form of real tools which far surpass even the most inspirational messages.

Michelle's unique, step-by-step process of personal assessment and development taps into the "success tools" within us all and empowers individuals to adapt to change, overcome obstacles, and build the self-esteem needed to flourish and grow.

Based on this process, Michelle's best-selling book, "The Beauty Blueprint: 8 Steps to Building the Life and Look of Your Dreams (Hay House, 2011) topped lists in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and Australia, for over 30 weeks in both paperback and Kindle.

Along with her book and speaking, Michelle continues to spread her message in a variety of ways, including; TV appearances such as Fox, CBS and NBC, radio and some of the most trafficked blogs across multiple genres.

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What people are saying:

"Thank You for being a part of the Women's Leadership Forum on Monday. Your message about inner beauty and outward branding was truly meaningful, relevant and most of all inspiring! I have heard nothing but great feedback on the self discovery and positive reflection exercise. I think everyone walked away with a better, more positive understanding of who they are and the value they bring to the table. Thank you again for sharing your story with the team and inspiring women to be empowered! "
Jeanmarie Milla
FL Region President

"I heard Michelle speak at a recent Power of Women Conference in Toronto, Canada. She was sincere and endearing to her audience, creative in her approach to get her message across, and just plain real! There were many speakers there that day and Michelle stood out as my favorite! A beautiful gift!"
Deborah Hall

"When a speaker is presenting, I always take a seat in the back so I can watch the group reaction to the presentation. I was blown away by how quickly Michelle created a comfort level in the room. I watched as the women began to lean in toward her to receive the message. Michelle's message is empowering and I am so grateful to women like her-women who are courageous enough to take down their own walls in order to help others. No one left without being impacted by Michelle's openness and truth."
Susanne Daniels
National Association of Professional Women

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Mel Robbins: 5 Seconds To Change Your Michelle Phillips: Motivational Speaker, 2 months ago   1:14:54

Mel Robbins is the most booked female speaker in the world, an American on-air CNN commentator and television host, contributing editor for Success magazine and author of The 5-Second Rule. Her TED Talk around the 5-second Rule is a simple framework to turn inaction into action and has garnered over 10 million views.

What I love about Mel is her hard-hitting, no bullshit real talk. You won’t get any sugar coating here. She calls herself the fucked up friend that figured things out and has become wise. Now, she doesn’t want us to make the same mistakes she did. She’s done the hard work and the research, science of habit, science of confidence, the way self-doubt works. She’s on a mission to share everything she’s learned.

In this episode:

* We talk a lot about anxiety. Mel says she was born a worrier, and around age 21, the panic attacks started becoming paralyzing. Not everyone has dealt with depression and anxiety, but we’ve all had gone through hard times. And the open & thoughtful tools Mel shares are useful for everyone.

* Mel says “you don’t have to think the way you have to think.” The basis of her book is the 5-second rule, which is taking the world by storm. There is a connection between our wellbeing and our thoughts. Mel and I go deep into her technique the 5-second rule to change habits.

* We also get a sneak peek of a technique Mel is currently researching that works every time to help you find your passion, make choices, and audit your life. I cannot wait for you to hear it.

Show notes available at http://chasejarvis.com/shownotes


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