Flying Fish to the Face in Slow Grunion Fish Beach Themselves 2 months ago   10:10

The Slow Mo Guys
The U.S. has a fish invasion. These same fish are prone to jumping out of the water. Sometimes they hit one of the Slow Mo Guys in the face. That face is Dan’s face.

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Brendan Maxwell
I live right next to the river, real sad I missed you guys being in town.
Jesus Ibarra

Skyrim theme music: *plays and intensifies *

Greybeard: but there is one they fear, in their tongue dovakiing, Dragonborn!

Fish: FUS RO DA!!!

Dan: oof * is slain *
The Shank
That fish was just a slow mo guys fan. "HELLO DAN!" *smack*
Dragon Slayer_267
Hipcheck intensifies
Marc-André Blais
6:58 absolutely ridiculous :D
Lakshmi Narayana
Ashar Saleem
That shot was incredible from the GoPro.
gkc mgk
p.s. none of fish injured or harmed at this video
Artificial Idiot
6:54 I'm dead
Dan was slain by water using fish.
Do Slowest guy in slowmotion
luuke luketer
happy slapped by a fish'
Kusnadi Assegaf
4:35 emezing👍😉
Oscar De la rosa
Dan trying to step on the fish😂😂😂
Bro Mario
Hey that’s the place from 13 reasons why!
Mahmoud Osama os
العربى يطغط لايك ويقول منين
انا مصر 💓
computergeek 101
You guys need to get a TV show, it'd be great!
You guys NEEEEED to do a slo Mo whale jumping vid
daniel silavong
😂😂 fishes attack
Sohom Chatterjee
Love how he still wearing that lab coat 😂😂
There having Soo much fun that he forgot 😂😂 😂
Paul Deurloo
Invasive species are the worst...
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Grunion Fish Beach Themselves Flying Fish to the Face in Slow 2 months ago   03:54

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