Jeremy Kyle: ITV bosses give Jeremy Kyle Talks About 2 days ago   2:34:40

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The way Graham is squirming about during questioning looks like his Jeremy Kyle's are playing up. Jeremy nowhere in sight, he was full of himself 'presenting' the 'show' When asked to appear in front of the committee I bet his sphincter muscle was winking more than Ann at the end of the weakest link
Chris Bliss
Where is the slimey little shit why is he not there answering questions.
Poverty porn for the upper and middle-class to sit feeling superior towards while the daily mail tell them who to hate this week......and as you see in the video above, lies and disinformation by those running the show who are only interested in ad rev and cash at the cost of what they seem to think are people not worth being looked at as human beings.
I'm a filipino and living in asia and I just wanna say that I love Jeremy Kyle show a lot and I used to watch this show. In fact I have downloaded videos from youtube and watching it over and over again. One of the reasons why I love the show is I always like british people regardless of their horrendous attitude of some brits but I believe that these people have a good heart, it's just that bad things happen to them. Aside from that, It would be an honour for me to meet Mr. Jeremy Kyle. Hope God would give a chance to visit UK someday and mingle with british people. It would be a big honour for me to learn the culture, life & history of UK and its people. The show isn't bad in my point of view because i believe that the objective of this show is to help the guests to sort things out because they cannot able to sort themselves. Hope they would sort this issue out with nobody get hurt. God bless the british people. :-)
#Love from #Philippines
Gerry D
It's called the jeremy kyle show, unless im in the shit then its everyone elses fault 🤣🤣🤣
Bobby Dukes
Jesus how long do they spend talking about lie detector tests?

The lie detector is a detection of someone being deceitful. The police also use them as it then encourages them to interview people further. It cannot be used in a court of law though, and the JK show has never stated that its 100% accurate.

In fact, it’s actually down to the dumb asses that they get on the show that don’t realise this that has caused the problem in the first place.

Before the JK Show aired we had the Trisha show. Again, they used the lie detector. But again, they always stated that it wasn’t 100% accurate.

So the problem manifests over the low intelligence of the guests and JK himself, who’s job it is to overdramatise everything and to make the show explosive.

But on a technicality the JK show have done nothing wrong in the respect of the lie detector. It’s just the usual conduct of the show that brings it into disrepute from a moral standpoint anyway (even if it is legal, it doesn’t mean what they were doing was right).
Lebz 305
Finally, These Criminals should have been put on trail years ago
Entertainment INC
These boss’s and care staff are not answering the questions they seem to try jump of it
MP's are a fucking Joke. You guys are a bunch of sanctimonious cocks
African Pharaoh
The guy that killed himself never said it because off Jeremy Kyle the UK t.v. is so boring everything is being scrapped
I love the Jeremy Kyle shows I watch it everyday
Sina Staes Janevska
I wish Jeremy Kyle could learn something from Dr. Phil...
mark larkin
Bear baiting by the middle classes towards the less fortunate in life at its worst.
John Galloway
Jeremy Kyle is a deeply, deeply horrible man.
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Jeremy Kyle Talks About Jeremy Kyle: ITV bosses give 2 days ago   06:26

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After smoking for over 35 years, Jeremy Kyle has managed to kick his habit for 6 months now and says he's almost recovered from the effects that smoking 20 a day has had on his body. He's also working with Public Health England's Stoptober campaign to help others kick the habit as well. Jeremy teases his future wedding plans saying there’s nothing in the works yet, but promises to give Lorraine the exclusive interview.
Broadcast on 01/10/2018

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