Elon Musk opens up about This Is Getting Scary.. (See 2 months ago   11:13

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Elon Musk Viral Videos
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Dhona Kretosastro
He is awkward
Cluster Buster
Perhaps Musk can figure out a way to keep the Hildabeast properly balanced and at the very least reduce the diameter of her cankles
Caroline Vs
Elon Musk is a genius.
Luka Tomic
Lol i think Musk is a bit stupid
Kenn Tollens
Elon speaks very clearly, but sometimes he really stumbles. If aliens come to earth, they are in trouble. This world is super hostile, they might get a virus and die in hours.
stinky ribs
We need to find out what he thinks of 5g wifi
Garnett STone
Aliens would not want to talk to us. All they have to do is watch the TV signals and know we are all lunes. I know some of you will say, not me, i am no lune. But you are reading this post
Random TrollZ
What about sending A.I. to mars instead of humans
Pigeon Liquid
I remember about John Titor rumors. Maybe Elon is him? Rumors said Titor is a time traveler.
Idk man. I guess AI gonna fuck us up.
Jason Koenig
I love Elon and what he stands for but it seems like he has given up on life here on earth not to say I blame him but y not save humanity here first I’m guessing he is smart enough to know we’re all doomed and his 1% chance on mars is better than we have here on earth I find that discouraging he is in a position to make change here but it sound like it’s .00000000001 possible that mars has a better future than we do? I wish we could put that kind of effort to save the world we have
Lauren Shields
And very at same table during horse races next to institute guy
Carry on
In case you were wondering
Lauren Shields
Very healthy very healthy in the t shirt
Lauren Shields
You look very debonair
Lauren Shields
Did you get the Saudis to smile?
struggler 87
If aliens are as smart as people imagine, then they'd be smart enough to stay away from us and be able to see how violent and destructive we are to each other
Selçuk Özcan
Elon is a visionary and future thinker enterpreneur person who are extremly needed by world.
Anonymous Jastyce
It’s really true then. After the Rapture, the biggest deception that will happen is that the minions of anti-Christ will say Alien took the people and that Jesus did not take His Bride. And Alien will arrive, and people thought they were friendly but totally the opposite. And the world will turn into survival mode. Earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear war, asteroid, and aliens. Peace will leave this Earth.

*I am just thankful that Jesus changed my life and gave me a sign about the rapture*
Nate Del Valle
I already know some sick people out there would fuck an alien and have babies
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This Is Getting Scary.. (See Elon Musk opens up about 2 months ago   30:45

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