Elon Musk opens up about This Is Getting Scary.. (See 2 days ago   11:13

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Elon Musk Viral Videos
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: VEL :
We are the aliens let’s go back to shamballa
ToneAlone Atawitchatawitch
Ok so picture an area that never ends. Tell me there is no other life in said area. Your dumb.
Mark Chavez
1:48 haha that lady is like this dude is full of shit. haha
Nobo DY
Perhapse... PERHAPSE we should SHUT UP and stop acting so smart.
I've seen a TR 3B I know for sure they're doing something
Vasili Záitsev
Many aliens in US and MEXICO borders
is it me or this Elon guy knows something and his hiding it.......?...I could be wrong
Ple Master
Don’t mind my language....
The man said
Do u think there’s is other life out there!!!!!
Wake yo ass up , where do you think u came from !!!!
U definitely not human, just having the human experience in this fucked up reality
iTz iHeart
I can’t tell if Elon musk has an accent or not
Prem Prasad
We need more of these aliens with "muskness"
- Ben
I love listening to Elon musk
Parallel xCacHz Yeah Yeah
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I still laugh when I think of that Tesla in space.
karen zaragoza
He's a horrible liar
Raphael Quaglio
We should be able to detect artificial radio signals if there are humanoid aliens in any of the hundreds of nearby solar systems. It only takes 4 years for a radio broadcast to reach the nearest star. Why can't we detect any such signals?
elon musk ma boy
Savage Locz
Oh yeah yeah
ALLISTER CROWLEY wrote about a spirit he would meet with in his house he called Lam that he drew a picture of that looks like an Alien. He said today they call them angels and demons and tomorrow something else. Aliens are fallen angels.
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This Is Getting Scary.. (See Elon Musk opens up about 2 days ago   30:45

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