Elon Musk opens up about This Is Getting Scary.. (See 5 months ago   11:13

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Virginia Gibson
'maybe we are aliens' - right from the start
What if there was something circling our earth that prevents us from being seen by other life forms, like the invisible shield around the Myscera in Wonder Woman. Often concepts in science fiction have grains of truth whether that is technology, a group of people, intentions or agendas that are at play or will be in a few years.
Laura Schubert
Love elon.. Laughs like a text.. HA HA HA
Lay Dee
Have a great day my ❤
Nela Aven
This guy knows more than he is saying. Something in is eyes, the way he looks away when asked about aliens. He is very secure of himself but for an infinitesimal fraction...his eyes. He knows more, he cannot say.
Mesaroș Vlad
Aahm. Ahm. Ahm. A.
A.. ahm.. a..a. a a a
X2.0 speed
yadig jamesgang
Someone always figures out how to use good for evil purposes.
Ricardo Castillo
Elon musk is the Antichrist
Octavio Garcia
yo se que tu mente no tiene limites eres un ser previligeado soy tu amigo te admiro tu tienes el don no quiero gerras vivamos en paz conpartamos nuestros conosimiento.con una logica no loque dises tu no loque digo yo..no seamos egoistas mejor seamos buenos amigos ya save que lo admiro..G..O..D..
"Maybe we are Alien". I mean...we practically are.
vDarkness Falls
People often ask, "How would aliens find us? Why would they be here". Here's the answer. Lots of UFOs have been recorded parked next to the sun, literally syphoning from it. If they're using the sun as a fuel source, they can see our blue marble from there and get intrigued. The closest sun, from our sun, is 2.2 billion light years away. So our sun would be an only fuel source in this galaxy. It's plausible they'd see our planet and get curious as to what could be here because of all the water, and fly on in to check it out.
Jeff Smith
Musk eat shit dumbass
The last question the Aliens ask... "Why is there a human corpse in this car? What a noble gesture."
Amazing Brain Hacks
The only reason why he says this is because Elon is an Alien....
Mato Boljevic
Elon Musk is Azor Ahai.
John Nieckarz
I just realized that the Detroit Lion's quarterback, Matthew Stafford, and Elon, look alike.
I don't know why this guy gets shit on so much. He really does seem pretty decent and likeable. Not to mention...he works harder to help the people of earth than anyone in this comment section.
E. Musk is legit in my book
khushboo mangang
He is so handsome
Trini_ Bang
We are too stupid to recognize! 🤔🤔
Albert Crawler
Aliens & space is all FAKE.  NASA Space-x ect. ect. they are all Freemasons and misleading the 99%
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This Is Getting Scary.. (See Elon Musk opens up about 5 months ago   30:45

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