Peter Becomes Justin - Funny Peter and Lois saved Stewie's 2 weeks ago   11:31

Merry Chris
Peter Becomes Justin - Funny Cartoon Series

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Beast 123
8:36 hahahahahahahahaha
Beast 123
Think of it as two ten year olds you sick freak
The Custom Everything Channel
On this channel all the videos I have seen the editing sucks balls needs better editor
Yanelis Lozada
Pickle BOI
meriamx mabukele
Haha haha...' ok here's the field goodbye for ever.... Crash... Meg I'm injured 😂😂.... Lol
Lonzo BallisGoat
Why does peter always terrorize his kids then in the process he gets injured he tells the kid to get help
White cunt.
Cresent Moon
Literally doesn't matter who edits, there is always people who say someone's editing is shit.

G o d.
I reported you under child abuse because you suck at editing.
i'm reporting this channel for fuck tard edits.
Riley Chrysler
Agent 47
Ok, yes I agree that the editing kinda sucked a little but the reference to ‘the general’ advertisement on TV was clever.
Ryan Grissett
"Don't think of it as 20 years, think of it as two 10 year olds" - This killed me lol
Silly Monkey
*white trash rates from an army guy, here's a penguin don't know why*
default twinzz
Bemd over touch your toes and say justin

Girlfriend: Oh that’s okay I will just take the school bus

Quagmire: Wait, what? you-you drive a school bus?

Girlfriend: No…. Are takes the bus, I’m in high school.

Quagmire: What the hell, you said you were 23

Girlfriend: Yeah you said you love me

Quagmire: Well, I guess you got me there
Darragh Gregory
Justin time haha 😂
I just got an ad where the first sentence was "Hey, it's me, Justin."
Justin Barrett
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Peter and Lois saved Stewie's Peter Becomes Justin - Funny 2 weeks ago   11:47

Lois saved Stewie's friend! Best moment by NYCartoons

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