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Aww, Candy is so cute 😍😊😃!!!
Tom Chick
MAKE SPARTA REMIXES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BeenieBomb - Old channel!
I will buy ALL THE CANDYS!!! Naw, I'll just have one :3
Ashley Cross
Still a better love story than twilight.
^_^ I am soon happy!!!!
Angie LuvsCp
better love story than twilight
Tomas K
How did I get here?
i cant remember the last time i saw this
General Dougie Disarray
176,000th Viewer!
Doubt Hill
Hey everyone
please check out the little animation I did called the different dinosaur I would be really happy if I got a few views :D
Sab Spolder
the jurassic park theme tune is awesome haha
The talking heart kills me every time.
Because... He's a Magic! Dinosaur...
Yay? o wo
That's not actually a pun.
how can candy be sitting on the sofa if he was in the centre of the chaos and the people said they were reporting live from the scene
Jap Knight
bad pun in 3... 2... 1...
still a better love story than twillight
Or its just the Jurrasic Park theme sped up and instrumental?
0:18 O_O
Whats Good Gert
I've only seen 3 videos from this channel. Im happily subscribed. ^^ look forward to the plush candy. lol please make more videos?
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123456 Pokemon Candy The Magic Dinosaur 2 3 months ago   02:04

A neato song by Lemon Demon!