Walking Amsterdam test run Inspiring Norway 4K FULL FILM 2 days ago   50:34

keezi walks

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Glad you back to start point Amsterdam
Piotr Orte_IP
Watching this I want to wear VR google and just walk on the race track. 😁
Johnny Law
Yup should do some running.I gotta be fair this is a faster video
thanks so much, because of you I get to visit places I could never go to...
Charles Breno
Welcome back \o
Казбек Улыкбанов
Приветствую вас,очень красивые улицы душой отдыхаю,спасибо по больше таких видео желаю вам и здоровья и удачи
come to live a little
Nice... Hey, how you carry your cam/gimbal? Could you shot that, plz? I am starting to make some videos like you, but in poor/nub version. lol... And on Brazil, lolol.
susana mabel camara
Thank you Keezy for this new video.
General Issam Zahreddine
Wat een raar wijf op 2:40 is ze toevallig van 2:23?? Haha wat een maf wijf.
Wanna Walk
Very nice walk as usual 😎
Ali Buhulaigah
Come to Saudi Arabia friend i did see you in Indonesia it the year 2014
Claudia Marquez
The city is very beautiful, you live here
jon x
Dead city no people no pets no funky no monkey no cat no sheep no ladies come on what is this you pulling my legs
Great walk. I know most of the places you walked past very well ;) Love your walking vids thank you !
Hi armin awesome
Mijin Lee
nice !!
Mr Bravo
Where's all the people!?
City Walks
Very cool. What are you testing? Is it a 360 Camera? I was using one and it was very difficult to get the stabilization right. Glad to see you back and thansk for the video walk. -Henry
what was that lady saying at 2:45?
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Inspiring Norway 4K FULL FILM Walking Amsterdam test run 2 days ago   1:09:23