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When This Oregon Lake Dried Up In 2015, The Relics Of An Eerie Ghost Town Emerged

When droughts caused the water in Detroit Lake to drop to almost unprecedented levels, something incredible was revealed lurking beneath. It’s 2015, and America’s western coast is in the grip of a severe drought. Over in Marion County, Oregon, Detroit Lake is the lowest that it’s ever been. But as the reservoir slowly dries up,…

►Image credits:
Image: Dave Zahn via Statesman Journal
Image: Twelvizm
Image: State Library of Oregon
Image: Dave Zahn via Statesman Journal
Image: Joseph Rose via OregonLive.com
Image: KGW News

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Ramibu 2
Thank you for sharing! As a born & raised Oregonian & lover of history, I found thos quite interesting. I've taken this drive around Detroit lake often & it is lovely, especially in the Fall. Would have loved to have got a look at some of these treasures- to bad Detroit couldnt set up a small museum & preserve & display some of them.

The octogonal thing - was is used for the railroad? Cant think of the exact name but they used them to turn the engines around then rehook train to them so they can now go the opposite direction.
Roze Ayyyeee
"William-et" river??! Lol its "Will-Lam-et" Great video 😁
Tony Loechte
Dribble on.
Flagger 75
It’s pronounced wA. Lam. IT. Dummy
Scott Hillson
If you can't be bothered to learn how to pronounce the names of these waterways, don't bother making videos about them.
Jean Fish
Will-lam-ette! Lol.
Val O'Brien
So many impatient commenters! Personally I found it interesting to get a feel of the area where the wagon was found, its' history, people long gone, culture, climate etc. This is not just the wagon, it's the wagons story. Sláinte🇮🇪
Mister Lackey
Obviously not the lowest level that reservoir had ever been.
Gary GW Hicks
Letting you Know: Salem Oregon is not just a city, it is the state capital. The name of the Willamette river is pronounced 'wil-AM-it' not 'William-ette.' Thanks for the video. 👍 😎
Rich James
Umm Detroit lake isn't getting lower because of drought it's because they had to let the water out because of renovations to the dam but nice try
Brook Hall
Ron Bennett
Octagonal ? There was part of a railroad never
finished that did exist so it's the base for a turntable.
Probably hand operated. IE, two guys, pushin' on poles, at
opposite ends of a turntable, pivot in the octagon. For turning
locomotives and other rolling stock. Usually part of an engine
facility, near a railroad yard.
However, since there was no mention of anything else about the
octagon. No wooden pieces, not much of a right of way constructed,
no remnants of a roundhouse,
no turntable, everything else but the octagon would have been of heavy
timber. Oak maybe dunno. Perhaps that's all that ended up
being built. By way of speculation.
Yet the railroad was never finished, correct ?
But that almost seems too obvious for the
experts. Just IMHO, really.

And I ain't no expert, but still...
Ambrose Mackinnon
U can speed up the nonsense by simply moving the red line at bottom of picture forward
Cosimo Kramarawicz
Hey ! That's my old bicycle.
Ce R
Lakes do not just dry up. Fracking is destroying this country.
Epsensieg 18
All this for one bullshit wagon.
Buck Runyan
Gees, spent so much time talking about the lake I got bored and quit watching. perhaps you show use the words of the publisher- Let me know!
paul mcbride
boring so long and showed nothing yawn😴
Brian Silver
An interesting story made boring by the person with the irritating voice, you certainly know how to drag a story out and ruin it ,sort it out Mr boring
Le Loup
You talk way too much. Your voice is like someone with a cold.
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Funny Unexpected Moments #3 When This Oregon Lake 2 months ago   05:23

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