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Rent Like A Pro
This video goes over the Payday Payment Plan - a popular chapter in the book: The Fee Bible, breakdown of over 27 fees that you can use to make more money and manage your properties better.

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The Rent Like a Pro Team has over 20 years' experience in residential property management. They teach at various apartment associations and landlord organizations. They have managed thousands of properties from large, multi-family complexes to single family homes. Their online video training program has helped many landlords and property managers increase their income and improve their management systems.

Rent Like a Pro is a team of professional property managers collaborating to develop a site that gives landlords access to the tools and techniques the pros use. This site is a source of the most up-to-date property management and landlord techniques for building residual income through real estate investing.

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Rent Like A Pro
Thanks for all your support. Check out our other videos that show ways to make more money as a landlord
Paul Argueta
Great information. The key is executing and taking action. Too many people watch and do little to nothing with the information.
Thomas Frandrick
Lutherangrants ,com got me a business grant of $29,000 credited to my bank account .I am so grateful to them.
It ok
Can this retard write? Probably not, bit savvy in scamming ordinary people
Cyn Ho
I'm considering changing tenants to a week to week rental - hoping that would minimize the inevitable eviction process. Is there any serious drawbacks on this? I was planning on adding on (garages & conversion from 1bed to 2bed) & just now realized the lender might not be too thrilled with no long term leases in place. Your thoughts please?
The Angry Economist
You would think a pro knows the difference between renting and letting
Endy M
The math is wrong at 3:00, you had calculated payments based on the number of weeks in a year (52) and should have used the number of MONTHS in a year because no one pays weekly or they could end up paying 5 times in one month if there are 5 reoccurring "Fridays" for example. It should be that bi-weekly payments of $260 add $20 dollars more a month ($520) and $20 x 12 is simply $240. totaling $6,240 annually, and so on. Correct me if i'm wrong and if i am not, you published a book with that wrong info?!?
D. Levi Chestnutwood Boillot
Hmm...I like it because it gives a shorter leash towards tenants that may have trouble with payment history, but I also think it is taking advantage of their lack of knowledge.
Tyler Bundy
As a property manager, would you keep the extra that is above the lease amount that the owner wants to rent at? Can you even do that? If so how do you share that with owners?
Tony Martinez
I bought my first property when i was 22 years old and ive used this method i alwayz used the three strike rule that i put on my lease which means ( and mind you rent was at a good price that included hot water and light) $625 a month not bad i belice. And it baffeled me how ppl that i rented it out were having trouble paying rent. Mind they alwayz bought tvs ipads cars stuff like that but in the end it works out. Paitence and management is key.
Andy Yang
this is fckin stupid! why would I as a tenant want to pay more for rent. what an idiot if youre one of these dumb ass.
Brenda Reed
Trying to find the landlord meeting in Harvey tomorrow
If tenants can manage their personal finance well, they usually pay rents on time in full on the 1st of each month which they don't need bi weekly or weekly payment plans. On the other hand, if tenants have trouble with managing their personal finance or financially irresponsible, they usually either pay rents late or no savings to cover any unexpected expenses. So it would be more risky or troublesome for landlord to provide bi weekly or weekly payment plans to those kind of tenants, because those tenants could tell you this any time in the future: "I don't have money now n what are you gonna do with me?"
Joseph //
How are these tenants costing a landlord more time/money?
great video but i cant afford the 4/6 flat i want so could slowly buying sing family homes and growing be feasible or would property taxs kill my profit? maybe i should speak with a financial planer who can go more in-depth with my situation ?
Starvin Marvin
This should be how to gyp people and jack the rates up
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How Much Money do you Need to Buy a Rental How to make more money as a landlord 3 months ago   20:39

You can learn much more about how I have created over $8,000 a month in passive income with my rentals from my best-selling book: Build a Rental Property Empire. It is available as a paperback, audiobook, and eBook here.

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Buying a rental property can take a lot of cash, even when you are using financing to help with the costs. Most investors will have to put at least 20 percent down, plus pay closing costs, and have reserves for the bank. If you make repairs on a property that will add to the money needed. There are some ways to buy with less money down that I explain in this article:

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