Grading EVERY NBA Trade Deadline Don't Sledgehammer Your Employee's 2 months ago   10:51

Austin Sweatt


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Bowen Price
Like if Tobias Harris is a legend
Lanre Akerele
I only like the trades that are over B+, showing that the players are efficient enough to get better in their new teams.
Maltesers 7
Clippers are in playoffs versing the warriors to bad there out
J Sh
Shamet is a GOAT
pldt watcher
Markieff Morris is already in the okc
Uros Jovanovic
Mirotic daaaaaaaamn.. unlucky
Michael Garcia
Look at Otto now
Tomas Zykas
You got to be joking by giving Raptors the upper hand in Gasol-Valanciunas trade, you see how much of an impact Valanciunas became for the Grizzlies, so many NBA fans would agree that the Raptors took a huge L in this trade, while trading away a young player to a 34 y.o. washed up star. Gasol is getting old and defensively weaker, while Valanciunas is just going in to his prime year
A sad Jets Fan
Clippers clear cap space so they can sign a player rumored to go there so you deserve a C-
Knicks clear cap space so they can sign players probably not thinking about signing with knicks so you get an A+

LandOF Cesar
Look at the bulls now Otto porter is a young star and one of the key pieces in the bulls rotation
brickfighter 14
Why are you guys attacking Austin,like chill out,it's probably his opinions about the trades
I went to Tobias Harris camp and won MVP
I swear and it was in Long Island
Josh Dainty
philly are playing it very risky. they have to re sign him otherwise it was for nothing
Josh Dainty
ur litterally retarded. 0 nba knowledge. clippers gave away an above average who is on an EXPIRING contract for 4 picks, now the space for 2 max deals and a great rookie shooter
And........... Mike scott
How you mean JV didnt do anything for the Raptors? shit trade. bigger contract, older guy, much the same upside offensively , JV will be better than Gasol on D within a short time period because he's getting better while Gasol is getting worse. Raptors ending up with Gasol and Lowry next year if they dont win it.
Larry Ahmed
Myth Beast
Wait so all the philly starters were an all star okay
bluesalt002 pel
What he forgets to mention lakers and pelicans get f- for not making the deal lol.

Lakers" We will give you everyone but lebron + $$$$$$$$$$$$ + draft pics... "

Gm of pelicans "No...."

Owner of the pelicans " Oh hell naws your fired "
They Clippers are clearing cap room, and they could trade those picks for to move up in the draft. And you can’t forget they are trying to tank.
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Don't Sledgehammer Your Employee's Grading EVERY NBA Trade Deadline 2 months ago   16:48

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