GPLP — Metal Gear Rising Tinker Tailor Solder Fry — Upgrading 3 months ago   2:39:04

The best upgrade in the history of games.
Broadcast — 2014-03-24

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Rick O'Connor
Graham and Paul play Resistance to Liberate Paris
Nicole Richwine
Raiden blends in as well as a pink zebra.
I really gotta get in on this spine-eating thing. Apparently it's great for one's health.
Nora Suko
"No. We kill the orphans, then feed then to the puppies, and then kick the puppies a little bit... and then we kill them".

Oh god, I laughed a bit too much at this...
the Mariachi uniform makes this a right and proper loadingreadyrun playthrough
aahh Mastifs, time to loose some lives :P
Martin Drkoš
Not every box is empty.
Martin Drkoš
The wolf mainly talks about his past should you call him on the codec.
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Tinker Tailor Solder Fry — Upgrading GPLP — Metal Gear Rising 3 months ago   2:45:30

Broadcast 2018-08-05

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