How the Raptors Were in The Locker Room Kawhi Leonard | The Rich Life 2 days ago   01:18

How we imagine the Raptors Were in The Locker Room after not finishing the warriors off this game

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Calaso Phil
David Lopez
Do how the Warriors felt losing the finals please💀💀💀
man united fan
Weres the full video of all the games.
「That Girl. 」
The wig Kawhi had tho. xD
Malik G
This the first time mark wasn’t star actor🤣
Nick Deadass
Do u think ring is gonna get a ring
You niggas is stupid 😂😂😂😂😂
Markus The Kid
So we not getting a video of the Warriors taking an L in the finals?
Amarion Tate
Wait where’s the rest of them???
Real Recognize Real B-nod
Mannnnn look at the nigga braidssss 😭😭😭
hermes rivera
. .

Emina evol 1
Why does kaiwhi look like he gonna go super Saiyan
Malcolm Williams
Y’all need to stop playing about send the WHOLE finals 💯
Bee 313
Khawi braids
Corbett McDaniel
2k20 drake playing for the raptors
mojo jojo
players look different.. I believe this is not real.. that's not actual footage
KB Nation
# raptors won bitch we the fucking North
Seun Balogun
change that one dude from marc gasol to danny green 😂😂
Paradox Goldie
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Kawhi Leonard | The Rich Life How the Raptors Were in The Locker Room 2 days ago   10:09

Kawhi Leonard | The Rich Life | Net Worth 2019 Forbes ( Porsche, California Mansion, Salary & more )
Kawhi Leonard has just hit the first ever walk off game 7 buzzer in NBA history. With this feat he has reached new heights of fame and is carrying the city of Toronto on his shoulders becoming the cities second 6ix g0d. Ranked as one of the greatest NBA players in the league and with this he commands an extremely lucrative salary and endorsement deals, like New Balance.

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