How to coach young people for an active Shocking US Open final as Serena 2 months ago   03:04

UK Coaching
UK Coaching and Sport England have been working together to support coaches to understand and help young people positively change their sporting and physical activity behaviours.

This latest animation 'How to coach young people for an active life' looks at the common stages in the journey to becoming active and six behaviour change strategies coaches can use to help young people get and stay active.

This is the fourth in a series of animations that bring insight to life and provide practical ideas for coaches to make their sessions inspiring for young people. Other popular animations in the series are: 'What makes your sessions unmissable for young people?' and 'What motivates young people to be active?'

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Anita Broad
I really liked this video. I think it's very useful for new volunteer coaches who don't have the benefit of in-depth training that university qualified coaches have and also for experienced coaches who are tryiing to embrace a different kind of coaching culture.
Where do I start............when was the last time any young person played snakes and ladders?......... Who is this video aimed at?......... The young people you want to get active?....... the people who are trying to make that happen?......... or, the people who think this is a great video and a tv screen/ppt will solve all coaching challenges?
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Shocking US Open final as Serena How to coach young people for an active 2 months ago   07:40

A heart-pounding turn of events at the US Open Women's Championship final as Serena Williams is defeated by Naomi Osaka and slams her racket to the ground in an argument with the chair umpire.


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