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Clipping Greatness
No copyrights infringement intended. I just share the greatness.

I have many different clips, if there's one you want don't hesitate to ask.
Please know that my channels tend to be deleted frequently because of the contents of my upload. If it happens, just look for a clip I had already uploaded as I reupload everything from my past channels.

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just a potato
Caitlin Snow and Carly
Throwback Channel
0:07 OH MY GOD! I just realized that's Danielle Panabaker a.k.a. Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost from The Flash on CW! How did I not recognize her from this or Sky High?
Sarah Chaudhry
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⚘What's Wrong With Your Mouth?⚘
►Song: Thrift Shop Instrumental
►Program: Sony Vegas Pro 14
►Colouring: LostBanshee
►Fandom: Supergirl
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