THE BEST TRAIN IN EGYPT | Watania EGYPTAIR FLIGHT REVIEW | Economy 2 days ago   13:11

Flying The Nest
We jumped on the First Class Sleeper train from Cairo To Aswan (12 hour over night train ride). If you are interested in what the Cairo railway station is like, the dinner and breakfast food they provide, we give a full tour of the Watania Train express aka - the best train in Egypt.

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Malak Mostafa
You must go to gouna it’s so awesome
Malak Mostafa
Hey 👋
I am Egyptian and I don’t know this was a first class train 😅. I actually don’t think it is a first class just so you know that Egypt is good 3:50 لو مصري اعمل لايك
Tom P
The sleeping Train is Totally overpriced. Better Fly and book hotel.
Mostafa Kamal
It is too much money
wiwin tania
Hiiii im here
Mahmood Ali
Nice video
The template was not submerged though, it was transferred before the dam was built in preparation for the project, as the calculations showed that its old place would be submerged by the artificial lake that was to become.
Amado Harbov
8:59 LOL
Saeed Elborgy
ليه لجايلك اجنبي عارفه عليه تطبطبي وتركبي الوش الخشب علي اللي زي حالاتي
Nada Ali
اسوان not اصوان 😅😅
Gaurav Sangha
Is it safe to travel egypt
audra estep
this video is less than a year old and in a years time you guys have gained almost 300k subscribers.
I'm Egyption 💁❤
Travel and discover the world
Iam Egyptian, first you are welcome, second it is one of the best vlog about trip to aswan by sleeping train
i am from aswan why u didn't call me i can take u a round my city 😂😂
noreen saman
The girl reminds me of Agnetha Fältskog of Abba😀😍
El gouna, dahab & sharm Elshikh our best place in egypt and if u wanna spend the summer 💞
Cauliflower Smith
I have been watching all your videos on my new T.V and i have no idea how to 'Like' a video on it, but just so you know, you actually have about 30 more likes than you actually do because i am loving these
Victoria Sawy
250 LE for that scarf? I hope you didn't pay that!!!
Anni Arog
مصر بلد الحضارة و التقافة ولكن المشكلة ان البشر كتير جيدا
Zahra Lahgazi
I did this last month, in concept it all went well, but if you want to experience trying to sleep in a dishwasher, sign yourself up 🤣
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EGYPTAIR FLIGHT REVIEW | Economy THE BEST TRAIN IN EGYPT | Watania 2 days ago   07:26

I'm going to London with EgyptAir! And this is my review. Egyptair is very nice to travel with, and they have flights to over 75 destinations. In this video I'm showing you how to airplane is, how the food is, and everything else you need to know before traveling with them. This was flight MS777 from Cairo to London, on economy class.

I am a Norwegian man living in Cairo. I love to travel and make vlogs. Please check out my channel!

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