Ryzen 9 3900X vs Core i9-9900K: Intel i9-9900K Explained: The Road 2 days ago   17:22

While we recommend AMD's 3rd gen Ryzen 9 3900X for most PC builders, there are still some instances where you might want an Intel Core i9-9900K. Gordon runs down a quick review of the 3900X and then lists out some of those reasons why the 9900K is still better for some things.

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Buy the Ryzen 9 3900X from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2XBnNwR
Buy the Core i9-9900K from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2WpJevH

Shot on Sony a7s ii's: https://amzn.to/2S8uSOE

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If you look real close you can see not one but TWO computers ask to update Windows in the background. Ugh. :P
Dave Dupond
bending backwards to find some win for intel. even when in real life those don't matter.
Lewis Brown
AMD is closing the gap. Can't wait to see what Intel fires back with, grab the popcorn!
MaLeVoLenT D
Games run better on Intel.
Longer bars indicate better performance on handbrake when it's the amount of time? Lol, fix your chart.
Lol not spending so much money for 5 more fps sticking with AMD. Nice video
Carpe Canal Monsters
lol intel is still better..... if you play in 1080p you will get 250 fps instead of 240fps with AMD ........who is playing in 1080p with those kind of hardware ? far cry 5 bench test 1080p with 2080ti ....? who is buying a 2080ti for play in 1080p? anyway thanks for the vidéo
everybody seems to conveniently forget that we are comparing cpus just came out from AMD with almost one year old cpus from Intel. once new gen intel comes out, amd will be the weaker link, and history will repeat, and to be honest i still like intel better, I build 4/8 machines per week, and i have issues only with amd. Memory mainly. Besides, for gaming, Intel stays on top, and is even cheaper . I expected much more of a difference from AMD 3xxx and intel 9xxx, but as usual the BS advertising of AMD is deceiving. For me, the only interesting processors amd did until now are the G versions as the integrated graphics is unbeatable. Thats all.
Behdad Et
it seems to me that Intel is sponsor of this video! For past 7-8 years ago I was always recommending Intel over AMD for every kind of tasks. But with Ryzen 3000 I just can't recommend an 8 core CPU over an 12 core CPU for a little more fps in gaming or a slightly better performance in some softwares that are not optimized for Ryzen. Don't forget Ryzen architect has been here for 3 years but Intel Core architect been here for almost 10 year. It will take some times to optimizing softwares for new Hardwares.
Abigail Diaz
And that's the reason why I'd still favor Intel: the most developer support and devs are used to working with Intel. Microcode on a lot of programs like Adobe premiere and photoshop still favor Intel. AMD has to run a lot of low-level emulation to even compete on the software-side of things, no one talks about that
Sounds like you guys where payed to say "intel's 15,000 developers" lol
Lucky Underwood
I like the fact he is being very fair about it. Another words if you want more Cores go Intel! If you want more Threads & Cache go AMD.I got used to intel. I still have my i7-4790K OC to 4.6Ghz. Stressed it to 5.3Ghz. i7-4790K is well known because of it's power easy O.C. I done this on a ASUS Z97-A. I was shocked intel discontinue the processor so now it's a very rare processor. You can still get it on EBAY, Amazon,etc... but it will cost ya...
But is the extra 10 or so frames of the 9900k worth the extra $100 or so of the cooler you have to buy also ?
abner castro
still rockin a 3960x lol
Intel is still the gaming king, especially overclocked.
Oh no, Gordon... that red shirt's gonna get you killed by the end of the episode. :D
ATLAS Prophet noob
well..im thinking of upgrading my pc ...so which cpu i should go for?..3900x or 9900k(gaming purpose)..?..my question is will 12 core and 24 threads give advantage in future ...i mean next 6-7 years?...cause i will not be able to upgrade within 5-6 years even 7...only thing i can upgrade after 3 years is my rtx 2070.......so which is the best choice?
In games it's a whole other story and I'd not touch AMD just because it has better benchmark scores in benchmark software then lacks for gaming it's mostly always been like that and if you're fooled by the "numbers" just check the difference in games the 9900k wins!!!
Blender 2.80 can now use both CPU + CUDA when render.
i'm not happy with customer service from my first fx chip. i did upgrade later to an 8350. old and over hyped, it's not that bad still. i know i could get more from my other hardware, gpu, with a better chip but i'm content where i'm at. i admit though i'm tempted.
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