Missed our Q&A session on the Middle East, Syria's war: Who is fighting and why 3 months ago   1:47:25

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It's been on the brink for decades ever since, hope one day it can be on reverse they can sit on their stools and talk about how Europe is on the brink, maybe the Iraqis can invade Britain on the pretext it has WMD, a country that openly does have them.......note the hypocrisy !
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Syria's war: Who is fighting and why Missed our Q&A session on the Middle East, 3 months ago   06:46

Watch how the Syrian civil war became the mess it is today.

After four-plus years of fighting, Syria's war has killed at least hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions. And, though it started as a civil war, it's become much more than that. It's a proxy war that has divided much of the Middle East, and has drawn in both Russia and the United States. To understand how Syria got to this place, it helps to start at the beginning and watch it unfold:

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