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Phil Pustejovsky
What every landlord should know about property management ideally, before you buy your first rental property.

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Kristin Scythes
should I get a realtor to rent my high end condo?
Diana Bakema
Hi Phil, is there anyway I could contact you directlly?
i only have a minimal amount of like 20 k to start with ???? any advice?
Nurses ❤️😉
Amanda Smith
You provided excellent information especially regarding the landlord - tenant section, to make sure you're in compliance! Thank you so much for your videos.
Charley Caporina
I do small apartment complexes. The better tenants can put some skin in the game. I collect first and last months rent there by allowing me to also reduce the deposit some what. That rule does slow down the speed in which I rent a vacancy but to me its worth it. In a small apartment community, the adjoining tenants have expressed they love my rule knowing that everybody there has something to loose if they become a problem for their neighbors. I already follow the qualification process on this video, unfortunately, I had from learn that the hard way many years ago. Phil you done a great service with what you told these people. I hope they listened.
Michael Otey
do you need a broker's or realtor's license in Michigan to do property management for properties of your own/ and/or other people's properties?
Terry Jones
very valuable info and another amazing video, thank you
Bill Brown
I was a landlord for 25 years and had to learn all this "the hard way". CHOOSE YOUR TENANTS wisely. Check their references carefully especially their previous landlords. "Never rent to anyone who has EVER had a bankruptcy or is self employed"! ALWAYS inspect their CURRENT living space beforehand. BE A FLIPPER INSTEAD of a landlord!!
l want to start off at college campus, do any of these rules change because of the quick turn over/ are there added rules for this situation? l plan on buying a house living in a room and renting the rest of the rooms, when l graduate move out and rent my old room. ls this a bad idea?
Daniel Eng
I am a part time realtor and getting ready to rent out my back house. This is a great info for me! Great presentation! I like the way you present the materials! I am following up with your other slides and learning a lot. Thumb up!
I've always thought of qualifying tenants REAL WELL as being the most important thing. I think many people give up and badmouth real estate forever simply because they didn't do that. Or they didn't do simple numbers before buying or even pull any comps. It's all real estates fault waaaaaaahhh
Loans like those are so profitable
so a self employed person or investor that makes money from their own business don't make for good tenants but actual salary set working classes to pick up the slack, eliminate the lack of security, yes that makes sense for everybody
Olgales Suida
Prop Mgmt of my bldg should have been fired for fraud. Zero jail time bc she had someone's balls in her mouth.
Bro look at this dude
Maw Mawaw
Totally learned a lot of things. You really do know what you are talking about. I am living in an Asian country & l think much of what you said rings true even here. Thank you so much!
Not all self employed people are flakes.
Renee Brandenburg
What’s the best marketing methods for advertising your property for rent.
This video does not have time to cover exceptions but landlords here should make sure to review their local landlords and tenant act to ensure they are not breaking laws by denying a particular type of applicant and to ensure due diligence is done every time a house is rented out.
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What Does a Property Manager What Every Landlord Should 1 week ago   05:07


A property manager has to be a jack of all trades and a master of many. Today, we are going to give you a look at what exactly a property manager does.

Property managers must act professionally. It's important to make decisions based on facts and not emotions. Emotional decisions will only cost you time and money, and sometimes property owners are too emotionally attached to their properties. That's how we can help.

We are also required to keep up with laws and market trends, which change frequently. It's hard to stay up on all the court cases and all the changes going on in property management. You don't have to worry about...