Build a simple shop storage plywood kitchen 3 months ago   08:33

Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals
Here's an easy storage cabinet you can build for your wood shop. I made this one with 3/4" plywood. Easily adaptable for anything you want to store.


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Doug Palumbo
I kind of miss these older, more personal videos.
Raquel tovar
Take little bit of time to write the measuerements when do a project.
Ryan Lamp
Where I live, we call that a dresser.
Pat Bassman
Nice video Steve , I share my workshop with my father in law he's a hoarder of chipboards and formica which he thinks is the stuff for building furniture and he make a mess and never puts tools away when he;s finished , I make guitars and fine furniture with hard woods and clean and put things away when I have finished , do you have any advice for me so I don't KILL HIM HELP
Gary Myers
The cabinet uses up your hoarded pieces of wood so now you don't even need it!
Akshay Seth
You used such thick plywood for sides but used hardwood for the bottom, that won't hold up, poor choice
Andrei Rînea
What do you need a TV in the workshop? Watch CNN? =))
Eric Jones
Damn, love the idea of the truck and table.
You have some great friends Steve!
have you had a brad nail deflect upward through a sheet and into your finger yet? Thanks for taking the time to make these videos and show the lay person a very straight forward approach to making quality projects.
Xiaoxiong Tian
I am also saving scrapes thiiiisss big.... ;)
Eric Zhao
Very helpful, thanks.
Dennis Berry
Is that a 77 ford pickup
Craious Connor
Steve, thanks for posting this. What is the ply you used please?
I've got that same straight edge, but in pushing my saw or router along it with some pressure against the edge, mine always wants to flex in the middle at that joint where the black piece is, which would make a long, shallow dip in an otherwise straight cut if I let it. What I have to do is support that joint, usually by clamping a piece of scrap to the edge of the plywood, with the scrap pointing at a right angle and resting up against the back side of that joint.
Panic Boy
Bekim Krasniqi
I know this is a old video. But you deserve more than that saw.
brijmohan chourasia
Very nice Sir. Thank you for this video.
Patrick Duncan
I love your channel and everything you build! your videos are funny as well, love it
bien hecho
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plywood kitchen Build a simple shop storage 3 months ago   19:29

I make a plywood kitchen from Pine and Birch PLy