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Hostility towards Muhammad by the leaders of Mecca forced him to move to Medina. Muhammad became the leader of Medina. The Islamic conquests begin.

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Muhammad Khan
He really, REALLY oversimplified what happened to the Jewish tribes. They didn't just get wiped out, before hand they persecuted the Muslims, broke a treaty between them, and tried to wage a genocide against the Muslims.

All Muhammad Ibn Abdullah (Peace Be Upon Him) did was treat the Jewish tribes with their own medicine. He literally punished them using what the Torah said.
Henry the6th Gregorian
This lecturer has demonstrated one of the most demagogic stories Israel ever tell , trying to rewrite the history up to their own propaganda , to achieve many goals, justifying occupation of Palestine, killing Palestinians stealing their properties displacing them, is only the first step to move to occupy the oil rich country of Saudi Arabia.
Hillary Chapman
It’s too bad this scholar gives such a truncated account of Muhammad and the Jewish tribes of Medina. There’s much that is unknown and much evidence that this short account may be inaccurate
George Bolatoglu
They were only three Jewish tribes : Beno Al Nodeir, Beno Koreiida,Ben Kainoka'a. Those were the Jewish tribes who lived in Yeathreb later on Madeina after the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem.
The rest of Arabian Tribes such as : Kenaneih,Keindah,El Hareth ben Ka'aeb,Koreish (Mohamed's Tribe),Khouza'a ,Beno Ghassan,and many other were not Jews,but Judaism existed among them.
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History of the Talmud l Lessons of Dr. David CONTEXT Islam Part 2 6 months ago   48:52

The Talmud is a 16-volume legal code. Up until recently, Jewish communities the world-over were governed by Jewish law as interpreted in the Talmud. Having a set of governing principles has helped Jewish communities survive and thrive, no matter where they may be in the world.

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Dr. David Neiman (1921-2004) was an internationally renowned scholar, speaker, and writer who inspired many people. His life's work concerned the intricate relations between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism throughout history and in modern times. Dr. Neiman made history come alive through his dramatic presentations and unique interpretations. In light of our current world situation, Dr. Neiman's work is not only extremely relevant but also remarkably prescient. More than anything, Dr. Neiman was a keen observer of the human condition. His words convey our shared history with clarity, humor, and humanity.

Dr. Neiman was the first Jewish scholar appointed to teach Religion at Boston College, one of America's leading Catholic Universities. He served as Professor in the Department of Theology for a quarter of a century. While there he was also invited to teach at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. After retiring from Boston College, Dr.Neiman moved to Los Angeles, where he taught at Loyola Marymount University, St. John' s Seminary in Camarillo and the University of Judaism in Bel Air.