Gun Control Hearing at New Jersey Legislature Army Veteran and chaplain speaks 3 months ago   01:33

The New Jersey Legislature has proposed 23 new gun control bills. Up to 500 people came to the Statehouse in Trenton to voice their concerns.

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monster max
What are the laws for the semi auto shotguns? what is legal and what is not?
Right on!!! Just got my permit to carry back... If for no other reason to protest these criminal gun bans Obama is proposing .
Hi Mike. I thought about the length of the videos, but having only one would have meant a 7 hour video. Who would want to sit through that?
Nora Craig
I beg to differ... I ran my mouth for 2 minutes. That's not work for me. (grin). But YOU stood there for hour upon hour filming, and Lord know how many more hours you are putting in now to cut that tape up into chunk, upload, etc..
So take a bow... you deserve it...
Thanks Nora - but remember, you did the real work, I just stood there and pointed my camera...
Nora Craig
THANK YOU Dan! Without you we'd have no film and be silenced by the liberal media. I hope everyone send's your link viral. PS: I just LOVE the Jewish guy from Cherry Hill. He hit the nail on the head.
NJ has outlawed the First Amendment!!! Surprises me they didn't put the protesters in the closet. Wise up people!!!!
Thanks, Dan. Spread the word.
Dan Popa
Thank you recording this. It needs to be shown. The 2nd Amnetment protects the the 1st. They have stolen the 1st and 4th Amendments. The rogue Obama Administration has an Ally in NJ. Perhaps Gov Christie could take a few minutes away from hugging Obama so that he could defend his citizens . 10th Amendment Mr Christie..... you do have that right. How about using it!
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Army Veteran and chaplain speaks Gun Control Hearing at New Jersey Legislature 3 months ago   02:11

Nicholas Purpura delivers an impassioned rebuke to the committee members.