JRE MMA Show #54 with Din Thomas Joe Rogan Experience #1221 - Jonathan 2 months ago   2:53:37

Joe is joined by co-star of "Dana White's Looking For A Fight" and coach at American Top Team, Din Thomas.

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Fuck i forgot Nick Diaz v Masvidal was supposed to be on UFC235.. that shit was already loaded and a good night, would have been that much better with Diaz v Masvidal
Din "Du" Thomas
Bill MacKinnon
Joe likes dumb? Go figure...
2:39:00, "Old men yell at cloud"
20:18, the old Bert snort.....
3:50, allegedly?!? There's photographic proof! And the motherfucker all but admitted it, without a single apology or remorse. Fuck him.
Kyle Sarafolean
I find myself waiting for Din Thomas to say "I know," when I'm listening to this podcast. The way he says it is weirdly satisfying...
Dobre Ion
Tony Ferguson type a guy to shadow box at a funeral
Danny Mahoney
Please never talk about about Pewdiepie ever again 😂
Danny Mahoney
Lee The Flea
Din seems chill as fuck
Oussama Okbi
I know probably 3 out of 10 names they drop, not huge on UFC or MMA, but i love martial arts talk!
"even boxing is worse than mma" ummm what?

Get kicked in the head by Lyoto and tell me boxing is worse.
Stay Sleep
Joe “He’s smart as shit, he reads” Rogan
Din's my boy.
John Stamos
I'm an athlete
Din has so much wisdom
Niall Graham
"Sometimes she's a lesbian sometimes she's not" - it's call bisexual mate haha
Went to high school with this guy. He did the best fades in psl high school in the 90s.
Re: flow tanks, you can separate body from mind via meditation. Would be interesting if Rogan and his crew tried an alternative experiment like Sober October and went to a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat (vow of silence plus 10 days of straight meditation)
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Joe Rogan Experience #1221 - Jonathan JRE MMA Show #54 with Din Thomas 2 months ago   2:05:11

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