JRE MMA Show #54 with Din Thomas Joe Rogan Experience #1221 - Jonathan 6 months ago   2:53:37

Joe is joined by co-star of "Dana White's Looking For A Fight" and coach at American Top Team, Din Thomas.

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Does Joe rly think the demise of Johnny Hendricks came from injuries and not PEDs
Torron Brown
Yves Edwards and Din Thomas would have been a good fight unfortunately it never happened
Just-N Illusion Studios
YO!!! I've been trying to find this episode all morning...haha.....it made it into my time lapse of my painting...hope it's ok.
Please let me know if I need to remake it....(but I don't mind a little free publicity for your show...it's one of my favorites)

Reggie Matthews
‘all ya gotta do is make shit rhyme’
‘and you don’t really even have to do that’

Best description of current rap
Pete Miller
Din was a very good interview the first half is MMA Talk than little general talk than finished strong on MMA Future
Pete Miller
Anthony Pettis fought Wonder Boy in an exciting way and KO'D that Karate guy Woodley got him but could not do what Pettis did
Go Bonkers Bruv
CoNnErW 125
5:20 Joe is class
Fuck i forgot Nick Diaz v Masvidal was supposed to be on UFC235.. that shit was already loaded and a good night, would have been that much better with Diaz v Masvidal
Din "Du" Thomas
Bill MacKinnon
Joe likes dumb? Go figure...
2:39:00, "Old men yell at cloud"
20:18, the old Bert snort.....
3:50, allegedly?!? There's photographic proof! And the motherfucker all but admitted it, without a single apology or remorse. Fuck him.
Kyle Sarafolean
I find myself waiting for Din Thomas to say "I know," when I'm listening to this podcast. The way he says it is weirdly satisfying...
Dobre Ion
Tony Ferguson type a guy to shadow box at a funeral
Danny Mahoney
Please never talk about about Pewdiepie ever again 😂
Danny Mahoney
Lee The Flea
Din seems chill as fuck
Oussama Okbi
I know probably 3 out of 10 names they drop, not huge on UFC or MMA, but i love martial arts talk!
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Joe Rogan Experience #1221 - Jonathan JRE MMA Show #54 with Din Thomas 6 months ago   2:05:11

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