JRE MMA Show #54 with Din Thomas Joe Rogan Experience #1221 - Jonathan 2 weeks ago   2:53:37

Joe is joined by co-star of "Dana White's Looking For A Fight" and coach at American Top Team, Din Thomas.

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Din may be an Ambivert (Introvert & Extrovert)
Not hotdog
Joe Rogan, you do a great Elon Musk impression. 0:40 or so.
Thanks for the vid.
Bring back Jimmy Smith
Deepak R
I love Nick the tooth but din Thomas made the show even better, him and Matt are the best
Balal Raza
Should have my momma on this show......she been whooping ma ass for years....
I'd pay the Diaz brothers too. Great talent, very entertaining.
Jacob Gaitan
Boy pablo is awsome
Cole Taz
Do you guys consider Yael Rodriguez an MMA practitioner/artist??
is that Kanye
Omg 1:37:00 to 1:40:30 so awesome. Fedor talk. And the Monson comment is the stuff of legend. Hahaha.
David Pinkerton
20/5 = 4* Great knowledgeable and entertaining guest!
Kevin Mystic Mac Lee
Did Joe call Ronda strong minded?
John C Lilly loved his Ketamine. It was very special to him.
Mikey Merritt
I wanna hear more on this distinction between fighter, competitor, artist and athlete. You covered artist and fighter. How would you describe the other 2? Who would you categorize in each?
Toe Rogan! King of the sell outs. Hope it was worth it stabbing your friends in the back
Nicolas Toublanc
Hey Guys !

Totally irrelevant to this video, but I was listening Hijo de Africa by the french rappeur McSolaar (2003, spoilers ahead) and at the end of the clip on youtube there is a fight, and he does a beautiful "turning Joe Kick" (the tae kwon do kick that obliterate sand bags in that video with GSP) his opponent go flying off the roof but ... Well I will leave the cliffhanger so you go watch the video.

Joe should totally do a podcast with this guy !
Could we get Igor Vovchanchin on? I think Igor’s wife can translate. Please Mr. Rogan!!’
Watching the two of you go on for three hours feels like any day sitting with someone I know and talk about stuff. Its like the future of friendship. You feel like you know them but they don't know you and it doesn't matter. Keep it up bros. Great podcast!
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Joe Rogan Experience #1221 - Jonathan JRE MMA Show #54 with Din Thomas 2 weeks ago   2:05:11

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