Manta Rescue! Bottlenose Dolphin Rescue 1 day ago   06:28

Jane Headley
Such an amazing experience/rescue! Diving in the Philippines April 2014 with Manta Rays. One approached us with fishing line slicing right through her wing. Our guide spent several attempts to cut her free and finally removed the barnacle encrusted fishing line. She swam with us for over 10minutes until we were low on air & had to leave. We watched while on our safety stop as she continued to circle below us with another Manta ray. I am convinced she stayed with us for help as this was the longest & closest interaction during the week of diving. Kudos to our guide 'GL'! A truly amazing & emotional experience.

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Juan Carlos Valdes
Aquaman would be deeply proud of this!
Sharon Henderson
She Is Beautiful! God Bless You Guys For Saving Her, I See She Said Thanks...What A Relief!
Well done. Good job. The world/mother earth, thanks you.
This was AWESOME!!!
So happy to see it get help!
Jenny Hirst
This video’s fantastic Jane!! I’m a Video Researcher from UNILAD and we would love to feature this video on our travel page UNILAD Adventure with credit to you in the watermark and top comment! Would this be okay? Please drop me an email to to discuss!
Randy Parham
Wow, I love you guys!! That's a devil off her back, isn't it?
Jim Carroll
Great job guys - we need to save these Manta's as they are now endangered. All for their gill rakers which have no medical value. Asia needs to evolve and stop destroying animals for fake cures.
Mr x
Bravo guys!
anthony toscano
If only people would trust more and be honest with one another.
Nice rescue guys..
steve henrichs
lange darm
Amazing. Nice job, guys.
Wonderful rescue, She now loves you.
Lori Spicer
I see that this is n older video now, but would the manta's wing completely healed up or would it have healed over but remained slit in 2 pieces like that?
Diver Tido
Well done guys! Good job !
Jean Valjean
Magnifique :)
JC Sixties
So very humbling & up-lifting. Such a contrast to those whose enjoyment of life is honed by hurting hunting & killing animals.
hai on
good work guys, i tried to help one the other day but could not get to the fishing line.
DL Coba
Nothing more rewarding than saving an animal in distress & they put their complete faith in you, wild creatures, animals, of the wind, sea & land, God I love them.
DL Coba
God love them, what it takes for them to allow us to help them when all we've ever done is tangle them, kill them & diminish species. The way she floats, like ok I'll give you a chance against my better judgement, I'll die otherwise. God bless them.
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Bottlenose Dolphin Rescue Manta Rescue! 1 day ago   03:14

A Bottlenose Dolphin needed my help to get a fishing hook and line of it's left pectoral fin.