Gordon Ramsay Cooks Buffalo Primitive Technology - Find Food 1 day ago   11:33

Gordon Ramsay
While in Cambodia, Gordon Ramsay visits a local tribe where he witnesses the traditions of a newlywed couple and helps collect honey.

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So are we going to talk about the fact they got 70,000 bees stoned asf
Danahue Gray
I find it really amusing when a chef says the climate is hot, your a chef lol
Cooking: skill 100
Driving: skill 0.00001
Nawty Savage
Can i drive, obviously not lol
Scott Kucinski
I bet no yelling for fucks sake you idiot here lol
Mohd Nasyit Studio
perfect way to stop a running jeep. hit a tree.
José Roberto Carmona
( ͡^ ͜ʖ ͡^ )
The quidz man gaming and more
That’s the biggest joint in the world lol
Jay Palnitkar
Killing innocent animal just for YouTube views. Pathetic
lmao the village of poophole? 1:00
Messorem Mortis
My dyslexia fucked with me on the title of this video
Tra Tra Music
Next Video: Cambodian cook Gordon Ramsy for baffalo.
-To get revenge for his car.😂
2:10 and here we see Gordon crashing a Cambodian dude's car over and over and over again
Joel Muro
Rip Buffalo
That's Interesting
Israel Adefemi
I love this. Well done Gordon.
Ranong Ving
I I’m Cambodia but I was born in America
And now the buffalo are all extinct because they keep trying to recreate this dish.
Black Rifle Coffee
This dude is a cunt.
That’s dope
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Primitive Technology - Find Food Gordon Ramsay Cooks Buffalo 1 day ago   12:35

Primitive Technology - Find Food regrettably in the jungle - Cooking duck Eating delicious