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Luke Towan
A complete guide into recreating this scene of an old dirt road and dried up muddy puddle. Check out for more tutorials related to scenery and model railroading.

Follow along as I step you through a thorough how to style video on making this scene, from a piece of extruded foam to a photo real scene complete with cracked mud, dirt road, an outcropping of rocks, trees and realistic ground cover.

A lot of modelers see scenes like this and think they will never achieve this level of realism, however, as you will see making a realistic scene like this is nothing more than a few steps and the layering of scenery which eventually builds up into a great looking diorama.

Take your model railroad, war gaming terrain or dioramas for displaying your favorite models to the next level. This video demonstrates a small diorama built in HO scale and will show you some new innovative techniques for making your model railroad scenery look real. Real enough to make someone look twice at a photo you took!

Products and materials:

Foam Base –

Knauf insulation XPS multi use foam board 30mm (Bunnings Warehouse)

Cork –

AMRI 1-0401 HO Cork Underlay 3mm thickness (Orient Express Models)

Glue –

Gorilla Glue for foam (Masters Home Improvement)
Titebond II Wood Glue (Masters Home Improvement)
Mod Podge Matte (Spotlight)

Sculptamold –

AMACO Sculptamold modelling compound (Adelaide Moulding & Casting supplies)

Plaster of Paris –

Uni-Pro Plaster of Paris (Bunnings Warehouse)

Rock Molds –

Woodland Scenics Outcroppings Mold (Orient Express Models)

Paints & Dye –

Black Acrylic Paint
Burnt Sienna Acrylic Paint
Raw Umber Acrylic Paint
Red Acrylic Paint
Metallic Silver Acrylic Paint
White Acrylic Paint
Diorama base coat – Jo Sonjas “Vellum”
India ink
Citadel “Technical Paint” – Agrellan Earth (Military Hobbies Adelaide)

Dirt –

Collected from the great outdoors, nothing specific just regular dirt found near a river and sifted down into different grades, the finest of which was sifted through a stocking. 3 grades in total. Only fine and medium grades were used.

Grout –

Davco Sanitized Colorgrout Sandalwood (Bunnings Warehouse)

Wetting Agents -

Wet Water, 1% dish detergent mixed in water
Isopropyl Alcohol 99% (Adelaide Moulding & Casting Supplies)

Grasses -

MiniNatur – Late Autumn 6mm (Orient Express Models)
MiniNatur – Early Autumn 2mm (Orient Express Models)
Noch – Wildgras 6mm (Hobbyco Sydney)

Ground Foam -

Woodland Scenics Fine Turf Burnt Grass, Earth & Earth Blend
Woodland Scenics Course Turf Dark Green
Woodland Scenics Fine Ballast Buff
Woodland Scenics Clump Foliage Medium Green

Trees -

Woodland Scenics Fine Leaf Foliage, Olive Green & Medium Green
Noch Leaves Mid Green (Hobbyco Sydney)
DIY trees, made with natural plant stems and WS Course Turf
Dead Leaves, natural materials using real dried up dead leaves

Road Markers –

1.5mm square stripwood (Orient Express Models)

Weathering Pastel –

Art Spectrum, Raw Sienna

Car –

Cararama Peugeot 206, OO scale but in my opinion it feels closer to HO scale (Military Models Adelaide)

Intro Music:

Music by: Lino Rise
Title: “Channel Intro Alaska”
Source: &

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Lamon Barber
How much does it cost to do it yourself and if your making it for a client?
Wahyu Cahyadi
Amazing detail
You use a mist sprayer to apply the wet water. Much better than using the scenic sprayer from W-Scenics. Thanks for the video.
I’m addicted to your videos.
Alex Does everything
I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road I’m gonna ride till I can’t no more I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road I’m gonna ride till I can’t no more I got the horses in the back horse tack is attached hat is matte black got the boots in black to match riding on a horse ha you can whip your Porsche I’ve been in the valley you ain’t been up off porch nah ain’t nobody tell me nothing can’t tell me nothing ain’t nobody tell me nothing can’t tell me nothing riding on a tractor lean all in my bladder cheated on my baby you can go and ask her my life is a movie bull riding and boobies
Bodhi Arts
This is the coolest thing i have ever seen on youtube! perfect !
Paul C Gbhmagic
How do you get your static grass so nice? My shaker works fine but it lays down after it hits the glue.
I wish I could send you a pic.. do you have a FB page?
jalen dilosa
what's the song playing through out the vid?
You can create a dirt road using powders and sandpaper
Funny How
It’s like therapy watching your videos. I’m mesmerized and completely amazed at the level of detail you put in to your sceneries. Absolutely beautiful work!
Abby Lamarre
You’re incredible I love all your videos!! Your style is so neat too, I bet you’d make a great city scene or cemetery
Edward the Old Engine
The first few shots made me think it’s real!You’re amazing!
Sonny Skye
Watching your videos relaxes me. Thank you.
Well my good man, you have a hawk eye for detail. Awesome touches. The pastel dusting, really good. Great work.
Your a Fantastic Artist!!! Love your work! Keep it up, Thanks!
How does the stuff to weather the road stay? Did you spray it with glue afterwards?
I have never built a diorama but have seen several in a hobby shop and marveled at the realism they displayed.  It obviously takes much time reading and/or being coached to develop these skills.  I have built model cars of all types and sizes for better than 65 years and was never satisfied with the level of realism or detail out of the box.  Bottom line is I love real life things miniaturized and you certainly have excellent skills in creating these scenes.  If I had a HO train layout I'd hire you to do the scenery!  Great work!
Valen Bud
Amazing.....some people are really talented (and hard working). Great job mister!!!!
Joshan Huseyin
Out of all cars.....

You chose a Peugeot!
Love your work. Be interested to see some vids on ‘substitutes for xyz’. For those with little cash to invest it Woodland Scenics excellent products.
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Build an AWESOME bridge - Realistic Realistic Scenery Volume 2 - Modelling 4 months ago   27:04

If you’re looking for inspiration to build and design a bridge for your model railroad or for a scenery diorama then you’ve found the right video. In this tutorial I take you through every step of the process to create an awesome realistic looking model diorama or a scene that you could incorporate in to a model railway layout possible even a wargaming terrain piece.

The model is built to HO scale which is 1:87th scale however the same techniques could be used for N scale right through to O scale and larger.

The intro shows my favorite train! A Bendigo Rail Models P-Class that I’ve used numerous times and a new set of carriages from Auscision both of which are available from



Also if you want more specific details about what measurements I used for this bridge and all the types of scale lumber I used you can find all that information here at boulder creek railroad:

A little story about the diorama:

There were a couple of things about this diorama that I would change in the future, the first being the color of the bridge.

This leads back to good lighting when building and painting models, the lighting I was using at the time of painting the bridge gave a false impression that it was more grey than it actually was, so at some stage over the next month or so I may repaint the bridge by adding a coat of grey over the top.

Secondly I would have liked to make the diorama longer, that way I would have been able to get better shots looking along the track whilst filming the run bys. This is not a major issue but just something I would likely improve upon on the next diorama.

I hope you enjoyed watching and managed to pick up a tip or two.