Were the new AMD GPUs worth the wait? I Paid Bassists on FIVERR to Create 2 days ago   14:56

AMD has finally revealed the specs of their new RDNA Architecture featuring NAVI GPUs... but was it worth the wait? We also talk about the performance of AMD 3900X vs Intel 9920X... things are getting good!

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Jordon S
Yeah no tensor cores(ray tracing but)
With the PCIe 4.0 wouldn’t it get a huge performance boost and that’s why the price is where it is?
Михаил Дмитриевич
Jay-Z two cents
Kanye West five dollars
Those Navi cards are overpriced as shit. They are competing with an RTX 2070 at the same price with no Ray tracing. WTF is AMD thinking? Also, the last time I checked, Nvidia GPUs has much better video encoder and that makes them superior for streaming.
Basil Rasil
I'm digging on Navi. The 5700xt would be a great upgrade from a 1070.
7:38 You're shrugging the 2080ti's position off as most people don't need that much graphical power which is hogwash, It's not the graphics power that's the issue it's the price, We should of seen a movement in price for performance with Turing but we didn't, we got similar or slightly better performance with less memory from the flagships replacement, In the past we've seen performance drop a tier with each new gen which was good, we'd get a 680 become a 770 as an example but because of how AMD's been struggling we've seen them offer barely any improvement, some examples being how the 7850 chip matured into the 265 and then into the 370, or the 290 series becoming the 390 series or the 480 becoming the 580 & then the 590, Meanwhile Nvidia have seen this as an opportunity to screw us over, so shrugging it off as well most people don't need that much graphics performance is BS.
Lajos Baranyi
If you look at the ecosystem of cards, can say only one thing: insane. It was NVIDIA that started differentiating his cards into variants within a generation and we have 50 or more “choices”. It is just maddening as the set price has mainly irrelevant as different vendors add different bells and whistles and marketing juju, and I have no clue what the hell I am buying. Now AMD duplicates the whole shebang!
All I need a good card. This does not really help. It gets much worse when the stupid CPU naming taken into account. Do you really follow that???? I cannot. Please do not get me started with the USB naming madness...!!!! What the hell is going on? Have the marketing offices been converted into mental asylums?!
Hey Jay I’m building a pc system and I want to spend around $500 on a GPU should I get a 2070 or 5700xt? I’m waiting for 4th of July sales too to see if anything drops thats good. Thanks and I love your channel!
Gabriel Gandi Goesantoso
The power of transitioning to 7nm is scary good
I have to upgrade my GPU 290x before cyberpunk comes out not sure what to get yet. Still have time for prices to drop some as well.
Xavier Frosth
Yeah Jay i saw all this crap on their live stream but i still don't mind seeing what Jay has to say :) Great video :) but I am a poor sap for any of the goodies that are coming out, but you forgot about the software that is part of the graphic :), they announced it on the AMD Livestream from E3!
Solve Everything
I love to see big tech companies slam the hammer and release new revolutionary tech.

I hate apple but I wish Steve Jobs was still around..😔
Phatt Johnson
You snooze you lose AMD! I bought an RTX 2070 a few months back and won't be upgrading for another few years :)
Maybe in 2023 you'll get my money again ;)
Game Devs: should we make games to use more cores?
Gamers: nah 4 is enough
Intel: i9 9900k is the best CPU for gaming!
Gamers: but all we need is 4 cores intel...
Alejandro Gallardo
ray tracing ? who fukin need dat shit..
Well im getting an Nvidia RTX 2070 Super so screw Navi.
It hasn't come out yet ffs. How can you tell if its worth the wait?
Jason howe
my question is where Navi sits in the scheme of things from my understand original promise of navi was to consume within the octet core market as a quad core cpu and quad core gpu.. for laptops and console use..

the bigger question where does navi stand within the 4k space, 4k hdr and latter 8k space..

even the current 16GB cards have issues within the content creation space requiring 128GB or higher to process 4k content and north of that for 4k hdr and 512GB or higher 8k when it comes to processing needs

I see no point in having cards within 8-16GB platform is the idea is to be a content creation specialist where you could be looking between 32-64gb right through to 128GB-to pst 4TB in a graphics card..

my aim in this reply is to talk about the reality of using 4k displays within the 55 inch and up category with current hdr support and the latter stage of 8k and beyond we are now talking into 8k with next gen consoles we need that capacity within the pc market to support this..

i do not know where navi stands today however I would rather amd blow nvidia out the water than compete with sku that is atleast 4-5 years old at this stage .. rather than compete with the 2000 series used today

I honestly think we are going to see people look within the server/workstation space with next gen pc builds i doubt we will a ram set within the 256GB-1TB range or more anytime soon however I suspect it is getting pretty redundant looking within the 32-64GB dimm space for something that would need more processing system ram..

I'm a Person that tends to actually build gaming and content creation pc's with min spec of 4TB or more in OS hard drive/ssd I tend to build for a minimum of 4-8 years use a minimum I typically don't waste time on low to medium end gpu's for 1 simple the less ram you have on the graphics card and associated content creation cards the more system ram you need for processing the said content

you could raid 10 120 TB worth of hard drives however have you ever considered a thought how much c drive you would actually need to augment that size of storage space..

reality is no matter whether buy everything within pc/playstation/xbox/nintendo for the last 30-40 years you will still need a long term storage space for all that media

looking at what I'm in the cloud space at the moment i would say as a distribution medium it works and and as a game server it may work

though from what i have seen at grass roots the cloud is more of a home distribution medium because at this stage no matter the media platform you play on with 1 user in play streaming in terms of third party devices can only be done on a 1to1 basis with primary unit connected into a lan and the other connecting via bluetooth or other woreless means to your home network what people want is not achievable looking a multiple consoles and multiple devices it works to an either/or use scenario on 1 user accounts

as it gets a costly situation if you have download the same game 4-15 times depending on the the console and pc ratio and other mobile devices you may consider as a feasible gaming platform

sadly we aren't to the situation where can migrate platforms within the streaming arena with the likes of netflicks and youtube just yet and not possible on console at this stage

from what i have heard about stadia sounds good on paper atleast however from what i have seen from what is available at present not going to happen.. pipe dreams from what i can tell
Sonu Kumar
Ben stokes on the show...
11:04 First Person Shooters are going to get taxed now??... God damn it!
I'm pretty sure it's "nah-vee", like the tribe in Avatar...
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