Stephen A. Smith reacts to Warriors Stephen A. Smith: Who will be greater 2 days ago   16:10

Stephen A. Smith reacts to Warriors def. Raptors 106-105 in Game 5; KD left in 2Q (leg)

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Rich Franklin
Worse timeout in history
Man E
Michael Sinclair
You draw up a low percentage play!!!! Not a 3 point high percentage shot? Just not smart your down by 1 point ????a lay up wins a title.
Feleti Pula
Golden State Warrior Bob Marley Playlist ]
1. Get up stand Up
2. Three Little Birds
3. Who the Cap Fit
4. Lively up Yourselfs
5. Jammin
6. Coming in from the Cold
7. Stiff necked fools
8. Redemption Song
9. Natural Mystic
10. Small Axe
11. One Drop
Ambrose Asylum
Big ass N**** lips with a big a** attitude. Go back to the hood.
Klay, I can’t hear you with KD’s dick in your mouth
d c
If this series goes to a game 7 this is the biggest bullshit fake storey that the NBA has even come up with...we know it's all storey lines and sports is fake these days especially the NBA lmao...but this would just be so obvious if golden state comes back from a 3-1 deficit !! To win...what a bunch of nonsense ...this game was so obviously fake with Toronto missing those open shots as so many of them that they never do ..that's right NBA people have caught on to your bullshit and also the fact that massive gambling is involved in the face by letting the Raptors actually play and beat this golden state team...otherwise it's obvious it's fake 🤦🏻‍♂️
Sinjin Hughes
Raptors need to trade Kyle Lowry..
Goldmind Transportation Enterprises
Kawhi be a baller in the paint and behind the ark, and series is over!
hillmut berger
The refs tried to win it for the Raptors and they failed.
Curry is NOT the greatest shooter. He is one of the best perimeter shooter and that's about it. Not even a mid-range shooter like Jordan, Iverson, KD, Kobe, Leonard or James.
Gm 6 & if so, gm 7, might end up being the defining games of KD's career. Games he wont play in but made possible by his heroics in gm 5. I'm a die hard Toronto fan & I just want to say KD playing while injured is one of the bravest performances by any aghlete in Toronto's history. I have all the faith in the world KD will be better than ever & I hope he has a speedy recovery.
Victor P
Pu$$y Ring got what he deserved, basketball god really exists.
I was cheering on the Raptors, but the fans n drake n making me hate em. Hopefully warriors pull it off.
Justin Truedoose
If Raptors dont win Nurse is history. He took the freeby time out Like the saying 'nothing is free' costing the Raptors game and could be Champiobship. The lineup after that time out without siakam and Ibalka how that going to shut down the slash brother.
vCertified Clapzy
Why is my guy Stephen A talking like he the smartest nigga in the world.
Want to see their response to the news that the NBA says they screwed up with no call on Gasol?? This should be over. Maybe talk about the bias of the Refs this series!! They don't like going to TO, so they forget their whistles.
Sports analyst that don’t want CANADA 🇨🇦 to win the NBA finals are the one to blame KD’s terrible injury! You know who are they! #LETSGORAPTORS close it up!
Yeye Manaois
Game 5 of the 2019 finals shall go down in nba history as the DURANT Game...
americans fukll of shit as usual, only mistake was calling time out cause they/him were/was hot
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Stephen A. Smith: Who will be greater Stephen A. Smith reacts to Warriors 2 days ago   10:03

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