Top 10 Inappropriate Music Videos That GUESS THE CHIP OR STRIP! 11 months ago   12:30

If you thought “Wrecking Ball” was bad, you haven’t seen these videos. There’s controversial videos, then there’s banned videos. Madonna, Nine Inch Nails, Nicki Minaj, N.W.A., Marilyn Manson, Robin Thicke - you never thought all these artists would have something in common, but them and plenty more artists have been the target of media bans, even with channels like MTV and YouTube. We’ll tell you why their videos were labeled inappropriate, so get ready for MicDrop’s Top 10 Banned Music Videos!

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Written by: Christopher Rzigalinski, Nahreen Tarzi
Hosted by: Lauren Mayhew
Twitter: @LCMayhew
Instagram: @officialmayhew
Graphics and Edited by: Nutty Nomads, Chase AnastProduced by: Soy Nguyen
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Comments 372 Comments

Abbey Davis
Yet anaconda was allowed to be on YouTube...seriously
shah iffi syed
Hay Lauren can I get see your rack
Nicola Headley
Wtf they banning stupid how and that song is dope , Nicki Minaj was just defending hersf
Fat Fat Massey
I'm triggered about #3
Drag Jake
Party like tomorrow is the end of the world? Hello?
I'm here for the thumbnail
Emir Latinović
And Taylor Swift spreading her legs on the car hub or Chainsmokers - Don't Let Me Down song doesn't have any sexual energy?

99,9% of all music videos are having some sort of sexual content.
Face the Truth.
Soft Porn at its worst.

At least if all these female singers are having any attributes to show.
Emir Latinović
The Defense of Nicki Minaj: "The bitch slapped me three times in the club. I had to do something. That's why the Stupid Hoe song and video were made."

Logical Defense.
HardRock Metal
Jesus Christ pose by Soundgarden should've been on this list.
Brody Sappington
Not a God
Danielkristophe Majdalani
i came just to see nicki minaj videos
Joe Smith
Rose Petunia
"If wrecking ball was bad,-" Hold up, You have *_not_* seen the video of We can't stop by Miley Cyrus. Have you?
People: friend: my stomach hurts
Friend: oh, maybe you there was something wrong with the restaurants food today

My friend: I don't feel so good
Me: maybe you're pregnant :D
My friend was a boy btw
Amaryllis Weeks
Stupid hoe not banned I just looked it up
Stormy Fate
actully blurred line is on youtube
Stormy Fate
3:30 at this point we know he's a demon
Leah Bestie
Shopping Rb
Feminists must be slowly burned alive in the public square.
Ocular GAMES
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GUESS THE CHIP OR STRIP! Top 10 Inappropriate Music Videos That 11 months ago   14:55

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