Top 10 Inappropriate Music Videos That GUESS THE CHIP OR STRIP! 9 months ago   12:30

If you thought “Wrecking Ball” was bad, you haven’t seen these videos. There’s controversial videos, then there’s banned videos. Madonna, Nine Inch Nails, Nicki Minaj, N.W.A., Marilyn Manson, Robin Thicke - you never thought all these artists would have something in common, but them and plenty more artists have been the target of media bans, even with channels like MTV and YouTube. We’ll tell you why their videos were labeled inappropriate, so get ready for MicDrop’s Top 10 Banned Music Videos!

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Written by: Christopher Rzigalinski, Nahreen Tarzi
Hosted by: Lauren Mayhew
Twitter: @LCMayhew
Instagram: @officialmayhew
Graphics and Edited by: Nutty Nomads, Chase AnastProduced by: Soy Nguyen
Music by Audiomicro

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Leah Bestie
Shopping Rb
Feminists must be slowly burned alive in the public square.
Ocular GAMES
Angelo Valero
I know this is a video, are looking at a script? In the beginning, you are not looking at the camera. Am I correct?
Ash H
Nine inch nails not bad
The Wii Mii Guy YT // TWMG
Kpop bans songs for dumb reasons.
Like Japanese lyrics, dying hair blonde, mentioning brands, pole dancing, etc.
CARLA Savage forever
Me: I'm going to searching all of these videos hehe
KingYS Tech.
Why do women dance naked in videos and blame the viewers for watching??? They haven't been forced to do it! 🤷‍♂️
Anime Kitty Girl
Should they ban wrecking ball music video by Miley Cyrus because it is inappropriate
Arun Kumar Raja
What’s the background score of this video 🥴
sophia saoudi
Some of them were pretty scary
Jommel Tingne
How about Work Bithch by Britney Spears
Geez! I wonder what Madonna's daughter thought about her mom's video on Justify My Love.
İntrosuz GamingTR
blurred lines was not banned
Yooo they need to move the teleprompter under the cam or something. She keeps looking over to it like there's a man threatening her life in the corner.
Sai Anand
Stop looking at the promoter and start looking at the camera maybe?
Yamin Ahmed
Lauren, Greetings from Canada. You are cute and a good anchor.
Hawk Who Knows All
green random girl
They should of done why I want to Brake Free video was ban in the US
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GUESS THE CHIP OR STRIP! Top 10 Inappropriate Music Videos That 9 months ago   14:55

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