Greg Archer - Functional. Not Functional: 5 Idioms For IELTS Speaking 1 day ago   29:56

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Greg Archer presents at IATEFL 2019 in Liverpool. His talk Functional, Not Functional looks at helping teachers teach and students write for IELTS essays - developing their ideas and using a range of language.

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5 Idioms For IELTS Speaking Greg Archer - Functional. Not Functional: 1 day ago   07:38

Using idiomatic language is important in the IELTS speaking exam but it must sound natural. Learn to use use idioms and then practice using them in daily conversation and then you are likely to use idioms correctly in the IELTS exam.

Watch the video to learn about 5 idioms and when they can be used. Think about how you can use these idioms to talk about yourself and which questions they could be used to answer.

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