Tourism in Cancún: Success or Disaster? The Dark Side of Costa Rica 4 months ago   04:44

Sonya A. Diehn
A critical look into development of tourism in Cancún, on the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. Bilingual Spanish/English.

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Yo grade 9 squad
m.f.c. van eijck
Hi Sonya, Do you think it is still like this in Cancun or has it changed. I am working an a research project how big data can help bringing these kind of issues to the world.
Sonya A. Diehn
Sorry, not possible to upload without subtitles. Made this in an old version of Final Cut Pro and don't have the project file anymore. :-(
Michiel Geeroms
Can you maybe also upload this video without subtitles? I would like to use it in class, but I would like to put dutch subtitiles on it. Thanks
dima G
Disaster of course.
Adriano Cerruti
Mexico is the worst place for tourism. The city is plagued of criminals, drug traffic, gangs, smugglers, rapists, etc. So many tourists from USA and Canada were killed in the recent years in bars, discos and public places in Mexico City and also in Cancun. Criminals operate with impunity because all the authorities are corrupted. The government invest so much money in advertisement to show you Mexico as a paradise for tourism, BUT IS NOT. Stay away from Mexico, don´t put your life under risk.
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The Dark Side of Costa Rica Tourism in Cancún: Success or Disaster? 4 months ago   04:30

Costa Rica is a mecca of tourism, filled with beauty and amazing eco-adventures. Explore the bright and dark side of this popular vacation spot. This video seeks to raise awareness for tourists on how to address the rising growth in illegal tourist activities impacting this nation and others around the globe. If you see suspicious tourist activity please report it to the hotel, tourism officials and police authorities. Work to end these exploitative practices.