Ariana Grande performs Natural Fantasia - Dr. Feelgood (Aretha Franklin 3 months ago   02:41

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Pop singer Ariana Grande takes to the stage at the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin's funeral in Detroit performing one of her legendary tracks, Natural Woman.

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I think the woman in the background and just the music was to loud. I could barely hear Ariana Grande!
Eva Cruise
Why are y'all insulting her she probably felt uncomfortable wearing that dress too and she got nervous
Robert Wyckoff
Tell Ariana Grande I said good job 😇
I Only Comment Things That I Said Outloud
So many comments hating on her voice and outfit choice when all she was trying to do was honor Aretha. Stop being judgmental. Its tiresome
Suhaana Syed
Uh oh! Look closely at bill Clinton 👀 🤢
Emperial Studios
That just goes to show how disgusting Music Stars really are that have no respect for The House of God. She is only trying to be another act on stage to get all the attention How sick!!!!!!
Evathe 101
looks like a front row of nonces including the priest ....
Lu Fever
Ariana despide a tus asesores de moda...
Lu Fever
Ariana no estuvo vestida de acuerdo a un funeral...
Sus asesores de moda se equivocaron, al sugerirle k vistiera este tipo de vestido...
Face Of Deemy
Leave Her The Fuck Alone, She’s Amazing & The Dress Length Don’t Define Her Character So Stfu.
Belin Romero
Her Mic was really off
Strange Reviews
Look at Bill - he is loving every second of it............... He cannot get enough of that short skirt. Go on Bill, son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bohemia Lite
Not proper shit that a viewing this girl looks like a hooker not dressed for the occasion.
Kim Port
Jessie Jackson looks like grumpy cat!!!
zanthrax corp
Bill Clinton is fuckin creep
Mus Limah
0:19 his face the gentl man in left side 😂
i dont play
The dress was inappropriate and even she nearly walked back to where she was knowing that ex president was front row.
And it really does look like Clinton said he'd fcuk her right their to that guy beside him, but can you blame him with a view like ariana grande from the back wearing what she was wearing.
I know she wears hardly nothing in most of her performances but she was aware this was a funeral.
And theirs some real hot blooded males in churches even ex presidents as pop stars in short dresses is not usually the setting.
Maybe the devil wants to invite her for a life preserver.
Shanna Razak
"The dress isn't appropriate for the Church" didn't the pastor grope her that day not that's not "appropriate for the Church"
She was trying ok? She was extremely nervous and had the confidence to preform in front of everyone.
This is also very funny that this song is called natural woman and you cunts are slut shaming her for her dress its not the worst thing in the world go complain somewhere else it might have been the person who dressed her so y'all stfu
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Fantasia - Dr. Feelgood (Aretha Franklin Ariana Grande performs Natural 3 months ago   02:08

In 2017, Fantasia honored Aretha Franklin with her rendition of “Dr. Feelgood (Love Is A Serious Business)” at the opening of the African American Museum of History and Culture in Washington D.C.

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