Ariana Grande performs Natural Aretha Franklin (You Make 2 days ago   02:41

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Pop singer Ariana Grande takes to the stage at the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin's funeral in Detroit performing one of her legendary tracks, Natural Woman.

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Elu de Sam
she can dress as she wants, short skirt, heels, pants, do not break the eggs, thank you
ese pinche negro que parece una rana negra casi la quiere encuerar con la mirada y del pasto o obispo pinche prieto depravado de mierda ahí esta la prueba que no respetan las religiones solo son brasitas tapadas los prietos depravados pudrasen👎💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
gaston jones
Solo clinton es auténtico los demás son hipócritas lascivos perros babeantes
Pastora Romero
Demasiado corto su vestido para un funeral
Antonio Ramirez
La cara de depravados de esos abuelos que están atrás de Ariana realmente da miedo. 🤔
Reyhan H.
Why I feel it's montage!
Nina Grant
When Aretha turned in her casket...thats why they had to cross her legs in hopes she didn't turn over again
Hell there girls singing on YouTube that could have done a better job than that... besides she is dressed like a fucking hooker.....
Man! That little girl is cursed! Bombed at a funeral, bombed in Manchester, bombed with her molerat boyfriend
Orsen Carte
Clinton's eyes are stuck out like organ stops .
Bytorino Huap
Very disappointed of her for not dressing out adequately for the funeral of the queen of soul . Can not someone teach her some. RESPECT ?
Carlos Rodriguez
All of those old men looking at her like fresh meat..
Leesemomma Duran
For y’all saying she doesn’t know how to dress at a funeral we shouldn’t be focused on that ok she’s performing at a funeral all y’all should be focused on how she sings and how beautiful it is but y’all don’t care about that y’all just wanna waste time to hate on how she dresses like for what reason is that good she has confidence and it doesn’t MATTER on how she DRESSES OK it just doesn’t matter your wasting your time on doing that
Mrs Matt Murphy
Little idiot! Way out of her depth there the family made a huge mistake having her there guess it was a decision of one of them
Janet Boggs
This is a shame and a scandalous to Aretha legacy
Brenda Hall
She was very nervous yes the dress a little short the child probably have not been to church in years not to criticize she did her best.A very young girl who is regularly in the spot light who made a error get over it.
Lone Star
Get off the stage!
What a flirt!! Dress properly in a funeral!
This girl likes the attention of older guys fantasizing her!!
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Aretha Franklin (You Make Ariana Grande performs Natural 2 days ago   05:04

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Full segment of Aretha Franklin (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Kennedy Center Honors 2015. Chilina Kennedy, plays Carole King in Beautiful, the musical, introduces Aretha.