Why didn't GPS crash? Flat Earth "Leader" Gets 1 day ago   12:20

More on the GPS roll-over.

"In the Future the Modernized GPS Navigation (CNAV and MNAV) message has a 13-bit week number, which for all practical purposes solves this ambiguity"

See me turn on my TomTom:

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- Sorry: I used “overflow” to refer to when the value bursts into the adjacent memory as opposed to just rolling back to zero. But an overflow can simply mean it has rolled over.
- I add the extra week bits to the wrong side of the number! Unbelievable. I even point to the other side of the screen in the video. Somehow I totally missed this until it was too late. I’m surprised loads of people are not pointing it out. So far only Kyle K has noticed. Good on you, Kyle.
- Let me know if you spot anything else!

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I bet the future viewers, if no WW3 wiped us from existence , think the "We're sorry" is more needed for the climate change we done in our time here.
another reason it did not crash is like the dns changer malware the government probably took over some key system and kept it running to prevent devices from crashing
I have the same gps device an its working showing my correct location and local time, but not the date. My GPS is living in the late 90s now.
My satnav broke 😂
Dmitry Granicin
Walking? Yeah that uses GPS. Driving? Nah mate, that thing is called a SAT-NAV.
Paul Brough
What is the firmware version of your Etrex? I upgraded mine once years ago to V2.14 and the date is correct.
Michael D.
Make the number 6348-bit and it will last for a million years
I finally know why my car doesn't show the time anymore ^^. Thanks Renault... (I think I can update it but I was lazy)
Aaron Lowe
Actually this made the video more interesting. Got an insight into how much we're connected to technology. And also shows that the little built in microphone in the GoPro doesn't match the video quality, hence why people use a separate mike and mix the audio later on, and why some videos on Youtube therefore have syncing issues. It's all coming together....
Mark J
All it takes is one nuclear weapon in LEO and sat nav is dead. The yanks have done it before they will do it again
Unnamed RedShirt
1:07 But that is overflow? By definition?
Tom Sienkowski
old gps, when you can find where you're going by trial and error before it finishes linking up :D
Jon Broomfield
interesting cos my Tomtom doesn't have the correct time anymore, I change it to be correct but when I go back the mornal screen its 00.00 again.. havn't checked the date even if it has 1 but i'm guessing this epoch thingy is why the time isn't working anymore?. Tomtom is maybe 8yrs+
Dear, Matt can u make video on powertower

a^x=x where a is greater than e^(1/e) . Solve x
Richard S.
I waited more than 4 minutes for this video's load of Parker happenings. In the end however this didn't disappoint.
Ahmet Murati
Currently, EU is establishing Galileo GPS so it is with most updated technologies.
5:50 how dare you not
Keenan Uriu
Ha! That dog caption cracks me up! So focused!!!
Simon Thomas
Your in lake on the cliff top with sandown pier in the background
Lalulila Lavilly
Did anyone try to go back to 1847 on the calendar like it says in his book? Because I tried to go back to it but the year headers disappeared , 28 days were in January, and 31 in February all happened at 1906, not 1847. December was still there, though.
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Flat Earth "Leader" Gets Why didn't GPS crash? 1 day ago   16:23

Yes it's Flat Earth Friday again and today we are looking at Mark Sargent's opening statement at the recent Canadian conference. We take a look at it and address each point.

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