My Journey to Dubai Why don't the wings break?! 2 days ago   40:13

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Recorded April 8-9, 2012

Video of my 25 hour journey to Dubai includes...
00:14 Indianapolis International Airport
01:56 Takeoff from Indianapolis on Delta flight #3426
03:10 Final approach into JFK directly over Manhattan
05:11 Landing New York JFK
10:46 Emirates JFK lounge
11:31 Plane spotting at New York's JFK
25:56 Boarding Emirates A380
27:35 Takeoff of Emirates flight #202 to Dubai
30:28 Breakfast over Iraq
33:41 Landing in Dubai
39:10 Arrive at hotel in downtown Dubai

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My Dream is Trivandrum To Dubai EMIRATES FLIGHTS Journey
Govind Tank
Thanh Trieu
Thanks so much.......
1 year ago i was on my way to DUBAI..U.A.E...the most beautiful trip of my lifexx.
Emirates is the best, I flew from JFK to Dubai & to Mumbai India twice.
Dark Savage
666th comment. Is that bad?
Skit Legend
The pilot landed to early , don't you think ?
Wahab Rahemi
i enjoyed it
very good video
Roberto Tassinari
Riprese troppo veloci ...
Virendra Kumar Gautam
Very good video.Enjoyed
Sat the Pro
I live in dubai
Dr Sokin Khan Dr Sokin Khan
Pirata Pirata
TAM Brasil
Mr. LJ
The lounge is for 1st class only or regular? Looks empty.
Jawad seghroushni
more than the half of your journey to dubai was in the jfk airport :)
Joey Mangroo
what is the price for the ticket from New York to Dubai
Flights Worldwide 〈 Videos
nice video!!
syed muhammad jaffar
Turkish meals in BIZ are preety goog as well Sure beats AA /UA Also the service .. Why is it that American FA 's have this attitude problem?
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Why don't the wings break?! My Journey to Dubai 2 days ago   18:51

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Have you ever been sitting by an Aircraft window and though;Those wings are flexing a lot, I wonder if that is normal?
In todays episode I will be talking about everything wing related, from how they are constructed to if they SHOULD flex and what ultimately might break them.
Stay tuned and If you have any questions, post them in the comments or ask me directly in my FREE mobile application 👇🏻


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A huge thank you to all the featured channels in todays video! Check out the awesome, full versions, of the videos here below! 👇🏻

VernHalen1967 (Wings flexing due turbulence)

InventingTheWorld (Airbus wing construction)

Insider (Airbus wing flex test)

Mustard (De Havilland Comet)

Boeing (How 777X wing spars are controlled)

Chrigels Vans RV-8 HB-YZZ (Home building wings)

Jack Koehler (How to crush a soda can)

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