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In June 2016, in a national referendum, the people of Britain opted by a small majority to leave the European Union. It was clear right away that it was to be a controversial decision of truly historical significance (to the UK, if not to everyone else), but few could have foreseen how it would go on to become one of the most divisive, long drawn out and consensus-shattering episodes in the country's recent history.

Two years on, with the deadline for Brexit just a few short months away, bitter political arguments are still raging about the exact terms of Britain's departure, whether those terms should be subject to a second referendum or even if the whole project should be abandoned altogether. Today, as a result, the country appears to be assailed with doubt and uneasy about the future, its international reputation for competence and stability under threat, many of its people infuriated with a tortuous negotiation process that has seen the current UK government as yet unable to devise a deal that will be acceptable to all of its own supporters, let alone its opponents or the country at large.

Even as this film was being prepared, the governing Conservative administration's plans for getting final Parliamentary approval for an exit agreement, painstakingly brokered with the EU, were going awry. Prime Minister Theresa May was forced to pull out of the vote at the last minute in the face of mounting evidence it would be overwhelmingly defeated and was then subjected to another trial, a vote of no confidence initiated by Eurosceptic members of her own party. She won that ballot at least, but it's still not clear how she'll be able to piece together a majority for a Brexit deal that will satisfy many competing shades of opinion

Indeed, had some malign adversary ever tried to dream up a scheme to unsettle the UK, to sow disquiet among its people, to undermine its economy and destabilise its relations with allies and partners, they could hardly have devised anything better.

So what then if the original vote to leave the EU was tainted? What if instead of being a free and fair reflection of the peoples' will, the Brexit referendum was actually influenced by dirty money and manipulated by a hostile foreign power.

It might sound far-fetched, but it's gaining currency as an idea and certainly very curious questions about the referendum keep surfacing, prompting calls for an investigation before a final Brexit deal is done and it's too late to make amends.

We asked veteran British investigative journalist Paul Lashmar to find out why.

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William Leadbeater
Be careful what you wish for, more people want Brexit now than at the time of the referendum
if the logic is sound,where is the need for the subversive imagery and language used in this video?
Akbar Yunadi
BBC would never do this. Thanks Aljazeera. True journalism here.
Keith Lynch
Hate these propaganda videos that purport to be fair and unbiased, but distort the facts to promote their own views.
Count Yorga
The Russians are now playing the same games on the west that the west has been playing on the world for decades at the very least if not hundreds of years. Misinformation, espionage, regime change. What's the matter ? You don't like a taste of your own medicine ? Open up wide, here comes airplane :)
David A Palmer
Small Majority? 1,269,501 MORE People voted to LEAVE than to remain!! THAT IS HOW DEMOCRACY WORKS! In Qatar you wouldn't understand that would you? After all an absolute monarchy with the Emir of Qatar as head of state and head of government. ...AND Oh My God! Sharia Law is the main source of Qatari legislation. Tinpot Dictatorship - WITH OIL!!!!
The rotten smell of fish hangs over the brexshit leave campaign, the DUP, and Theresa May's government. Question is, why dont the authorities get involved and stop the bus until we know the truth?
The whole thing is so important and damaging to the UK, but the criminal investigation isn't happening. Why?
William Wilberforce
Secretive organisations are disseminating misinformation through all portals of counter culture, through the mainstream of public information and internet social network sites. IT users are exposed to content of questionable accuracy and psychological techniques of brainwashing in order to influence the voter in taking decisions in elections or referenda, using  very sophisticated tools for the manipulation of the electorete.
Jay Stan
My fellow Brits you got conned. Now you will see how it is to migrate for work. German strawberries need picking. Gee, thanks to EU economy boost, our Polish friends are becoming too expensive. You'll do just fine :)
Cep Bende
Is Brexit a rehash of Enoch Powel's 1968 Birmingham, " Rivers of Blood " speech regarding immigration? Does this prove that a part of British culture has always been racist?
Hope Hub
This is such one sided bias doc
Brian Smith
REEEEEEETARDS !! The “people “ voted over two years ago ,and may I add where ,victorious!!......mmmmmm unless it was the RUSSIANS ! Mmmmmm I’ll have to check Sly News or the BBC to FINFER out the “Real” facts 😂😂😂😂
Russian conspiracy well i never FFS
Joanne Roper
"The small majority that voted to leave the EU" .....do you mean the majority 17 million voters???
Agecase files documentaries
A grumpy remainer documentary - Remain lost through analytics, hard campaigning and the fact that there was so many leavers that have been gearing up to leave for years. The pro EU gov spent £9 million - the remain side spent £18 million and the leave side spent 12 million and leave STILL WON. Truth is brexit needs to happen the end of the UK needs to happen for everyone - Scotland needs to claim independence to stand any chance of prospering and then Northern Ireland really needs to move on, have you been there its such a tense divided place with a non functioning government, its a ticking time bomb that stopped when the good friday agreement was signed, yes it calmed things down for a few years but every July 12th the troubles grow and grow and the war never ended for some
Umar Farooq
come on if a democracy so easily hacked by tweeter just go back to a kingdom. .... if you win it is you .. if you lose it is the tweeter. it is a democracy, public opinion can change for a certain time, by the tweeter, by mainstream media, by misinformation of politicians it is problem of democracy but still it is most efficient system. loser should not blame tweeter accept it ..
George Doors
You will vote the way we want you to vote ; the elite will make you it’s so easy to brainwash the English god help you :you have all become zombies controlled by elites tax machine do as they say
Fred Whitmore
How about the government posting a leaflet to every household in the UK?Trying to convince us the advantages of staying in the EU.Was not one sided?And paid for by the taxpayers to boot.😡
So if Remain had won - will it still be a fraud... I get it - its a fraud because you lost... How convenient... I also voted REMAIN - but this is a democracy mate. The LEAVERS won and rather than all this nonsense... Get behind the winners and let us see the best way to move forward and rebuild our nation and futures.
For one thing look at that EU flag and compare it to the flag of the united kingdom.
In the UK the different countries are represented - strength in diversity.
In the EU all the different countries are preety much absent - leaving a superstate where all the different identities and cultures of all individual countries - gone....

OK now there is a superstate with its own army - with leaders that are not elected and cannot be voted out.... The Democracy of the UK has proven itself to be the way over many centuries. If the EU falls under the rulership of a dictator, a tyrant demigod... What do we do then? We will immediately become slaves...

I voted remain primarily because I enjoy travel without boarders and I have been to most of europe - but I simply cannot risk the future of my kids by being part of the EU - it is way tooooooo risky..

Then you have hungry which seems to say we do not want to open our boarders to illegal immigrants - being punished for that decision... Its like me saying I dont want to open my home with my wife and little children to strangers and being punished by the government. That is the beginning of this.... where will it end?

My opinion is that this is not really about travel - or boarders.. or trade... or economics .. Its more about the risk to the FREEDOM and LIBERTY that we currently enjoy..

People gave up everything including their lives to fight for their freedom... That is how important freedom is.....
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🇺🇸Rendition Revisited | People and Power 🇬🇧 Who paid for Brexit? | People 1 day ago   26:01

Former senior military personnel have warned that the United States could be about to re-introduce a programme of torture outlawed by the then President, Barack Obama, in 2009.

Following the 9/11 attacks, a covert CIA programme led to individuals being abducted and subjected to so-called enhanced interrogation, techniques including sleep deprivation, wall-slamming and waterboarding.

Current President Donald Trump has stated that torture works, he would bring back waterboarding, and "if we can, we should have worse". He has also pledged to keep the notorious Guantanamo detention facility open.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, insiders who served in the Bush era say they fear this could all mean a resumption of the brutal treatment meted out to US captives after 2002.

"You have President Trump, who is enamoured with torture, who has a thirst for brutality," says Mark Fallon, a former counterintelligence officer at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. "I'm afraid that we're setting the conditions to return back to practices of brutality and state-sponsored torture."

In this special two-part People & Power report, filmmakers Sarah Spiller, Callum Macrae and Mark Williams set out to investigate whether President Trump's administration will sanction a return to some of the darkest days of the so-called war on terror.